Dress up GRRRRR!


Tia Dia shows us the romantic side of animal prints with her Burda top-  this has some very nifty sleeves!


Enter Rawring is the stage direction for LizaJane! She is making me declare this the summer of the swishy skirt!

Lizajane sews

And now, a strange tale of 2 Jersey girls who grew up  just townships apart, but ever so close in style! Cuckoo Chanel rocked BUtterick 8815  and made me love it too!  jungle twins

Whats a jungle without a Scruffy Badger? Winnie will now answer the question of what runs faster-


Anna brings us some old school gorgeous in her new hat- I think Mr Dylan would approve.


Angela of Collected Yarns made a leopard print print skirt and was a little worried that she was late to the party, but we all know you just can’t make a cat come when you call it- it decided when the time is right!

collectedyarns2014 - 10

This week great minds thought alike and brought together a girly pattern and a fierce beast. I love animal print as a dichotomy- here are Leila and the designer herself, Amity in their Gunmetals!


Shoe specialness from both ladies! amity

Now remember, it’s never too late to join this gorgeous herd! Here’s the Pant-tone color chart as a reminder and inspiration!

Pant-tone 2014

Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, LIzaJane, Tia Dia, Cuckoo Chanel, Scruffy Badger Time, Anna in Technicolor,  Collected Yarns, Leila, Lolita Patterns.     All images remain the property of their original owners.

17 thoughts on “Dress up GRRRRR!

  1. Béa says:

    Such inspiration! I’m running late with my Jungle January make, but I *think* I’ll be able to get it in in time. And I can do pretty shoes too!


  2. Separated at birth, ha. I guess great minds think alike! 😉 I’m so crushing on that swooshy maxi skirt. Love the pantone colour chart. Oh, and I found a hit of colour to add to my JJ gunmetal.


  3. Tia Dia and her soft blouse gets my vote and a quick second to the swishy skirt…can just see myself swanning into the sewing room to meet clients in something like that! If only I could! Great show of new styles and of course who can pass up the twins? Love those!


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