Deep, deep into the jungle- where the animals are Fancy!


Lots of things happening in two’s and three’s this year! Sharon is on a 2nd safari and tho not so happy with her make- I think it’s gorgeous!!!

McCalls 6839 front and back

Patty has a public service announcement for us: Bundle up at night, it’s cold in the wilds!


Katie is on a serious roll this month! She and Myra are here- ever see an Archer that is a cheetah? IMG_7908

How about an adorable scarlet zebra? Myra and company!



Now we’ve had repeat action, but this time we have a repeat pattern from last year- Amity is working her way thru the animal kingdom, 1 Giorgio at a time!


As you know, I am partial to a particular wild beastie- the dachshund. So is MaciNic and not only is her taste in dogs excellent- so is her print style!


For safety, I know you shouldn’t try to pet a cheetah or her kitten, but could you resist giving one of these  a stroke? Purple velvet and cheetah! Thanks Cari!!!!


Its scarf time! Heather and Nanna made predator infinity scarves! I demand that you go and see them!!!! What are you waiting for?


Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, Patty, Sharon, Katie,  Lolita Patterns, MaciNic, Cari .     All images remain the property of their original owners.

14 thoughts on “Deep, deep into the jungle- where the animals are Fancy!

  1. I have been enjoying all the Jungle January makes and these are all good additions. That archer is fab and I want one now… And the metallic fabric is delicious looking! Everyone has been so creative… I will be sad when the safari is over. (I finished mine last night- now for pictures!)


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