Wearable Wednesday Junya Wantanabe

Shredded is the new black.wat1

I’d like to thank my stylist- Frisky.   She made this look possible.wat2

Oh, how embarassing- she has it on backward- I’ll bet she feels foolish!


This would be my favorite. wat5

No, I lied. It’s this one. It looks like she violently melded with a surfing cowboy.


This is for all the Moms who ever wished they could just throw a trench coat over their childs outfit.


No, I didn’t need help getting dressed- why do you ask?


Wanda was never invited back to the Bird Sanctuary again after the incident.


I’m sorry, embellished hems are just silly looking, what was the designer thinking?!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

68 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Junya Wantanabe

  1. My stylist Frisky. I gigglesnorted. The 80s called and want their slashed tees back.

    I kinda sorta like the detail on that second last one, except for the hem.


  2. It is obviously their salute to Native American designs simulating buckskin and headdresses and the moccasins/booties have been embellished with bear claws or bird talons. The talons came in handy for slashing the horizontal cuts in the garments. The surfing cowboy look certainly is a salute to NA weaving with the deconstructed jeans thrown over the whole ensemble…guess they didn’t quite finish those before the show…kinda like being back stage at the Project Runway…frantic designers hand stitching clothes onto their models at the last minute…whoopsie…oh well, walk down the catwalk anyway honey…no one will notice.


  3. Shar says:

    This is my favorite kind of Wearable Wednesday. Plenty of ‘what was he thinking’ along with your very funny commentary! I just love how in the midst of all this randomness there’s a khaki trench. Great post!


  4. The large pheasant raptor poised in mid lunge at the dainty fruit adorning the final outfit in black has to be my favourite moment. Actually, I do like that top – one wearable piece (and the trench cape)


  5. The last one, with the embroidered crop pants caught me up short!
    Almost normal.
    The surfer cowboy reminds me of many an expat here in Baja after they have run through their money, their boat has sunk, and their friends don’t want them sleeping on the spare hammock.


  6. Damn you Wanda, why did you have to ruin the bird sanctuary for the rest of us! Confession, I kind of like some of these shapes if they didn’t have crazy hair/hats to distract me. I’ll pass on the boob area shredding though.


  7. Do you suppose they just went straight to the Johnson & Johnson factory for a 5 gallon bucket of industrial strength no-more-tangles shampoo after this shoot was over? Jeesh. And I totally get that shredding your t-shirts is a thing, but clearly the Wannabe didn’t watch the YouTube tutorials carefully enough.


  8. I do think that when you run over a pheasant you should just humbly throw it in the hedge and keep quiet. Shredding your clothes and wearing it on your head is carrying penance too far. Some would call it ostentation.


  9. Giggles, foaming to screams and tears when I hit Bird Incident. DH came running in, concerned. When I showed it to him, he said, “It looks like she got stuck behind the Jet turbine when the flock hit”!


  10. I'm in stitches says:

    Number two’s hair is woven into her top – what a neat trick! Either that or the model got caught in the sewing machine by accident.


  11. OMG- scrolling through my reader and I spy Ursula the Sea witch… After looking at this I SWEAR we could do a runway show… scissors, fabric and some crazy hairdos! That is all we would need!


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