Its not a hat- it’s Simplicty 1623


As a hostess, I am a little late. But in fairness, I did jump the gun with my purple cheetah Connie Crawford. That last sentence has never been uttered before, I’m sure.


Let me also share that Mr B hates this pattern. Seriously. It has a mini-mullet hem, it is empire waist and it has a funky gathered business that hikes up one side. Well, cheese and crackers, when you put it all together, I’m not sure why I like it. But I do. Hey, did I mention we are in the midst of Snowpocalypse? Yes! We got 1 inch. Its was devastating to our natural order. These pics show my dedication to showing you chubby girls in foolish fashions! fro1

I love a flowy, fluttery thing and this does that. It’s probably a fabric better suited to a little blouse, but hey, in for a penny, right?


That big old gathery business hides an immense pocket. Seriously, it’s like oven mitt sized. I can carry Flannery in there if I wish to. I’m not sure she’d like it, but I could!


Woo- she is fierce! As fierce as a day-glo python? I know I am! Bodice detail:


Check out my moves! See me terrorize the villagers! Look out mongoosesmongeese? A mangle on mongoose? A whole mess of them, whatever they like to be called in plural!!


Pattern thoughts: why does a pattern designed for knits need a back zip? Does it help or just cut up my lovely gaudiness? I skipped it. I also used a charmeuse- yes- I am perpetrating charmeuse abuse! But it worked and doesn’t that make me quite the little rebel? heehee- also a charter member of Slytherin!


Wondering about the title? When I first tried this on it made me think about the Little Prince. Damn, I look like a snake that swallowed an elephant?!

its a hat

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, Patternreview. All images remain the property op their original owners.

55 thoughts on “Its not a hat- it’s Simplicty 1623

  1. Ignore Mr. B…he ain’t wearing it and no cats really like snow on their paws anyway. I think this dress looks like way too much fun…a little off kilter…like the wearer…kooky but in control like it’s wearer…the fabric is flattering, drapey and makes your waist look tiny…I don’t see an elephant anywhere…snow flurries add a special touch to the photography don’t you think?


  2. This is the pattern I used for my Jungle January- only I made the maxi. I used a knit for the bodice and a non-knit (how technical I am!) for the skirt! My girls kept pointing to that drapey one – they loved it- but I was not so brave! Do you like it? I think I like it a lot with leggings! (But I think you need a sweater! It looks chilly!)


  3. Y’know as hostess, it’s your prerogative to show up late, thankya very much!! I can’t get over the snow in your photos! Talk about whacked environments for a an appropriately funky creature! I love everything about this tunic… dress…. top??? See? It defies categorization, and THAT is what we all wanna see from the hostess in the JJ playground!


  4. Shar says:

    I love the drapeyness of this (and the hot pink accent)! I’m looking to add some tunics. How was the pattern to sew up with the gathers? I hopped on the snakeskin charmeuse bandwagon too with my JJ14 make. As a former Jersey girl you need to show those natives how to handle the snow!


  5. redsilvia says:

    Miss Kate Moss does it with a gram of coke, two packs of ciggies and alot of booze – me thinks…

    As for you, you’re a natural! Adore the pattern married with the print (though the man you married may have other ideas). I also love the idea of the mammoth hidden pocket. I am now thinking what I’d put in there…phone, keys, sunglasses, a double macchiato…


  6. I’m with on the zipper in knit tops, WHY????? Maybe it’s in the event that someone uses a very stable knit. You know, like doctors that put you through lots is unnecessary tests because they don’t want to be sued πŸ˜‰


  7. T says:

    Wow … that fabric is totally awesome! Absolutely right to forget the zipper (what kind of masochist would add one to a knit top?!) So glad you made this pattern, it’s been in my stash for ages and now you have convinced me to give it a try.

    Hot pink animals prints are where it’s at obviously … I’m just finishing up a neon pink disco leopard print Plantain that’s destined to be my final #Jungle January make. Hey, maybe now we have our neon pink look so nailed we should form a sewcialists #JJ girl band? Bagsy be the drummer (enigmatic but cool). πŸ™‚


  8. jadesabre9 says:

    I like this a LOT! Any dress or tunic thing with pockets is a win in my book! Also, knits and zippers confuse me as well. Glad we are on the same page on that! πŸ™‚ Recently skipped one on my Butterick 5522 adventure.


  9. Hey, you used your fabric! I LOVE this dress/top. It has such a beautiful flowy design and looks smashing on you. I think you made a terrific pattern choice for this fabric (I say, whatevah to your husband πŸ™‚ ) And, Flannery says, “No pocket carrying”.


  10. SueEllen says:

    Hey, I just got this pattern. Doing the view B short assemetrical with the short sleeves. Has anyone else noticed pattern pieces being labeled inncorectly? Namely the rtside front and back sides? Only way things seem to fit together right is if #11 was 15 .. and 15 was 11 !


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