“Me Tarzan, you very on Trend! “


I love an inbox full of gorgeous animal prints! Lets get started- what do I see first as we cruise the paths less taken? Hmm….Here’s a little Snow Leopard from Sarah! M5436 #4

A hearty predator welcome to Susan! I warn you tho- many a sewist has started out subtle and ended up pure carnivore by their 2nd year! We’ll be watching for you! Jungle January 7

You know Marrie, if you pose frisky, I must use that picture!!!! I have this pattern- a copycat will occur!!!


Now what is more fierce than a snake print moto jacket? A Viking wearing a porcupine as a codpiece. But we will  show lovely Sue instead!!!!

Marie Jacket unzipped

Dang, Barbie! Stop showing off!!!! We get it, you are an icon!!!


I have a skirt crush. It’s SewingElle and it’s a zebra like no other!!!!


This pose! I just love it! Please Juliet! Make this the best 2014 Christmas card ever!!!!DSC05325

Gail is back! She is a real Darwinian dream this year!


I loove meeting new bloggy pals- especially when they have an eye for the slinky! Check out Miss Virginia!


Last year Anne W adorned her offspring with much cattery- this year she is back and it’s all about her!


Gillian, you know I can’t resist an action shot!!!!



photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, Musings of a Seamstress, Sueparrot, Marrie, SewingElle, Crazy Gypsy, Gillian,Susan, Gail,   Anne W. All images remain the property of their original owners.

27 thoughts on ““Me Tarzan, you very on Trend! “

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    Jungle January is killing it! You’ve clearly started something magical – I can’t think of any other sewalong or theme that so many people have taken so much joy in joining! SO glad you are doing it again this year – will we be able to wait a whole year for another? I don’t know… I’s love to see Jungle June in the works!


  2. Hi Anne, I decided to play this year and finally got a top made. I posted it in the flickr group. I have enough fabric leftover for a bra, so watchout Furocious February!


  3. Again, these are terrific. I particularly like the subtle jungle binding. Furocious February is fabulous. Especially since, although I have started carving the stamps, I will not be finished by the end of today.


  4. I hadnt heard of jungle january, till yesterday when kirsty mentioned my snakeskin print dress would be perfect. it looks like fun, not quite sure how to participate, but with a few hours left of january, my snakeskin dress is on my blog.


  5. These are grrreat! I love Elle’s skirt.

    Some of these sewing bloggers are new to me. Anne, you’re not only a fabric shopping enabler you are a blog reading enabler. How am I ever supposed to get my house clean when I don’t have time to do anything but sew and read blogs?


  6. Oh, some lovely and subtle animal prints here!! Kitty and I FINALLY completed our Jungle January makes and just blogged them. Yay! Thanks again for hosting this truly fun and inspirational sewalong, Anne. 🙂


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