Wearable Wednesday Alice + Olivia

Evelyn couldn’t understand why none of the other PTA moms ever invited her to their coffee hour. Everytime she saw them in the grocery store, they seemed so aloof. ao1

Don’t hurt your neck- she comes with a decoder ring.


Tumnus the fawns biggest groupie-


What? Too much for the Pizza Hut?


I know Wanda considers herself a romantic, but come inside for Pete’s sake?!


If a bra falls in the forest, does it make a sound?


Whatever happened to the big bad wolf?



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Sew Grateful Giveaway!

Happy Sew Grateful Week! I’m happy to finally remember to take part in this- usually I’m of the ‘oh- that was so cool- I wish I’d….next year’ school, but I’m on it this time!


I’m quite grateful for all the folkes out there that tolerate and even giggle at my foolishness and come around to Chez Grievances to share a thought and an animal print with me!

theda 2

So I’d like to have a little giveaway! A loverly selection of vintage patterns! All you gots to do is tell me your favorite classic movie to watch and why it’s the best! Bruder will let you know what he likes to watch while I sew- he’s quite partial to noir, don’cha know!




The hope is that all relevant pieces are included- these have all found their way to me by various routes!

My lovely young assistant will of course, select his favorite to win! So if you really want these- don’t forget that Elizabeth Taylor got her first screen kiss from a collie! Bruder can be bought!


Oh, Bruder reminds me that I need a cut-off date. How about by the end of friday, the 28th of February! He will select after his 1st saturday morning nap.

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Tops and well, more tops.

My wardrobe is moving slightly in the direction of wearing ‘office wear’ more often. Blech and double blech.


I’ve been struggling to reconcile my taste to things that go with slacks. Secretly I hate dress pants. They make me feel like a cater waiter. I also have never found a pair that didn’t make me look like Eyeore from the back. I recently discovered that  I whipped out 3 new workable blouses and didn’t share them. Don’t be disheartened- my gaudy parade continues!


So here comes a Burda, an  old friend  Simplicity and a Vogue- tops

first victim:


This is a repeat- yes, Ms short attention span has repeats! This is my 3rd- I love the ease of this shape.


When I feed new sacrifices to the Textile Hoarding annex, I like to buy 5 yards of something. You just never know. Maybe I want a tank top, maybe I want to make a car cover. I will not be limited!!! So if I like it, I want 2 of it. Perhaps a summer dress and a top. Or leiderhosen and a hoodie. You get the idea. This Anna Sui fabric is in 2 prints- from selvage to selvage so it can give some fun mixes. Previously, it was a dress to match my fav Dr Marten flats. Now those flats will get even more out of the closet time paired with this.


I added the cuffs for contrast, but really, the location of the prints was based on how much fabric I had left. A roll of the matching dice as it were. I’m happy and I can consider this stash busting, right? Can I shop now? Please?


This years squirrely goal is more detail and structure in my makes- so Burda will be my target- lots of seemingly random seams going on in most of them- this was fun to sew- a nice saturday morning no-brainer with a nice reward. I let the print do the talkin’ and only added a little accent button for fancy. 7125-



Last but not so least is my take on Vogue 1367-


I used an embossed nylon ultrasuede snakey fabric for the yoke and a frisky chiffon for the body. No design changes or ‘that didn’t work- better get creative’ design changes. My other goal to combine more fabrics is still in effect- I love these two pieces together- a summer something will happen for these I’m sure!  It’s a little wide thru the shoulders- I will gladly announce that next time I will drop it down a size.  I will pause to reflect on that. Ahhhh…….


a little more fabric detail- I’m loving my faux fuzzy snake! vogue3

I would have made a 4th top but we only have 3 dogs and Flannery is away at her writers workshop in the Berkshires……


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Wearable Wednesday- Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Is that Darth Vader meets the Shroud of Turin? Damn. Thats going to get me some weird google searches?!


Shh- Floofy! They don’t know I brought you! Be cool until we get past the Olsen twins?!


Sith red?.


Winter on Hoth.


What George Lucas sees without his medication….


Oh  Lord! Chewie- is that you????


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Burda 7198, 7071- Gaudy to a higher plain!

You know I love prints. Seriously, you knew that right? Well, this year my only real challenge I have given myself is to mix it up a bit. No more separates that match nothing- ok, when I combine it you still might not think it matches, but I’ll be happy! I plan to start small- like this Anna Sui:3fb76e853f78c6d9344ca8e1fabd6639

Then add more architectural feats- Preen 2012:


My first victims are 2 separates that I think work toward my goal- Burda 7071 and 7198- lets see if they look anything like the drawings after I get thru with them!

Burda collage

Ready for my changes and whines? I don’t actually have any whines. Another plan for 2014- ok, ok, maybe I planned a little more than I said……was to stop fearing Burda. I love the shapes and quirk of them, so I will sew more of them and learn their language. This is the husbands favorite photo spot for incliment weather- I endeavour to be as entertaining as an eclipse for him. sunset2


this is fully lined!

I love the shape of this jacket- the envelope makes it look a bit boxier, but I tapered it a little- not planning to wear it closed and I’m happier without all the bulk across the chest.sunset3

My top is a standard tunicy business with a lovely repeat to it. Fabricmart- you are my friend! I don’t like a button placket- it is just not me- but I do love buttons- so I randomly sewed a bunch down the faux placket for a little more texture. Look- a turtle! These shapes are very me- flowy, sheer and leggy-worthy.  I’ve been reading the Wardrobe Architecture series and my style icons surprised me a bit- this year I plan to try a hybrid of Dita Von Teese running errands meets Judy Dench- scarey, right? Style whiplash at its finest!


This is my baby steps toward Anna Sui- just you wait- by the end of the year it’s all this:


Got any brave and squirrelly ideas for your makes?

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Now we reach the Summit & it’s time to reflect and enjoy a beverage……


I can’t bear to leave the Jungle! So lets all look back on our style hijinks and salute some of our favorites……and have our 1st contest!!!! Vote for your favorite gal by the watering hole and go back for another look at their blogs and flickr pics!







Sigh…does this mean we are done? No indeed! I see several more up ahead!  Go see Bridget, Ginpins, Moogers and Shanni on the flickr feed! I thank you all for hanging in there, trying new prints, encouraging each other and generally just enhancing the interwebs with your style, enthusiasm and fierceness! Lets never stop slinkin’ & purrin’ !!!!! More polls and gaudy foolishness ahead!!!

Remember: jj7

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Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson



hmm- this looks like our model was half-heartedly tp’d. Shame on you, Beckham boys!


I’m sorry- she looks like a pancake fell on her from a great height.


Is that an extra sleeve wrapped around her neck?


Office wear for the attack dogtrainers?


The ugly placemat challenge?


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Frisky February- the style hits keep coming!


I’m so excited to keep seeing more and more animal print across the interwebs- you are all some stylin’ beasties!  Check out Sarah with her 2nd make   No! 3rd make- I count her adorable mouse infinity scarf too!

Snow Leopard  M6700

One of my fav Pattern Review gals to watch for is Dilliander– she does some lovely things- I’m partial to her corporate animal outfit!


Sewmanju– pack this up, necklace and all and send it hither! Thank you. I’ll be waiting.


I can’t think of anything more appropriate that a Spotty Dog in a spotty ensemble, can you?  Just seeing her makes me want cocoa and a good book! OK,a kind of trashy book…..P1000472

This next pic is a teaser- U&mii is at it again with another grrrring make!


Maria is helping me to stop fearing jumpsuits! I already loved predators- know I love them at play!


A lining of great friskiness! Go Beth– I love the unexpected pop of this! OW-5-13-18-Lining

Now. There are 3 other lovely makes on the flickr group that I don’t have links to and I’m seriously tech challenged at pulling pics off of flickr- so go see these pretties!!!


Now I’m off hunker down in the sewists Bordello to work on my Blue February make!


photo credits: Sarah, little me, meadhawg, dilliander, pattern review, Sewmanju,  Spotty Dog Social Club, U&m11, Marie, Beth. All photos remain the property of their original owners!

Wearable Wednesday Alexis Mabille

ooh- I don’t feel so well. Something about this designer has me all kitteny and giggly. Scarf hem! I know its wrong but look at the tiny bow!!!!


I don’t know what it’s doing, but I’m ok with it. Why am I ok with a mock Hermes Sling?????


It’s the power of a tiny bow- I’m blind to its faults. I don’t even mind that it’s absorbent.


Its trying to veer toward Tweeville, but I still like it!? I need a priest! Im clearly possessed!


Purse! Purse! Purse! MY judgement is officially impaired. I just made an involuntary cooing noise.


No! I’m about to smile at Katy Perry’s winter Ring master costume! Someone bring me an injection of sarcasm, STAT!


Lace and Shoulder bows!!! It’s too much!!! I’m tapping my toes and giggling!This is madness!


Gem-crusted satin bow belt!! Stop it you warlock- I can’t take anymore! I’m too dazed to see the awful overlong hem!!!



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Ground Hogs? No. Leopards!


I’m glad you all hung around while I upgraded the cruise vehicle and rounded up more stylish peeps! Let’s get started, shall we? Before the monkeys get restless.

Gjeo– I’m bummed to not see you in your fav Gunmetal- looks like Kitty may be sad too- but ever stylish! button-closure-and-the-bat-signal

Heather is much more dressed up this morning that I- she looks prepared for anything! As one should be- I may declare her  Purring Purser of our trip! Leopard 5

Plantains abound! If anything has fueled this journey it has been Plantain Power! Helen has them in multiples! Here’s my fav, naturally!


Shar on flickr has me so proud- she’s back this year and doubling her Roar! shar

3 Words: Parisian Giraffe Wrap! I swoon!!! Thank you Lucia! Parisian-giraffe-04

Redsilvia  brings us a love story in wrap form!


Yes, Naomi– leopard is a neutral!I just love the pop it brings, don’t you? fluro-leopard

If Stitch parade gets within 50 feet of me, I will seriously clutch this clutch- it is too cute! Clutch-on-hand

I want this dress- don’t you see me at Disney in this? I totally do. Thornberry is quite the enabler with this Vogue!!!


Vicki has a lovely bag to match her obi now- and she throws in some Morris Day at her blog- got to love it! Here’s a tiny peek:

2014-01-31 21.18.05[1]

Well, thats all for now! There are still some cruisers that I need to get pics of, so please, check out the flickr group and prepare for the final roundup and SPOTTED CARPET EVENT!!!!4ff1

photo credits: meadhawg, Heather, flickr, shar, Gjeometry, Lucia, Red Silvia, Stitch parade, Thornberry, Sewing Scientist