Ground Hogs? No. Leopards!


I’m glad you all hung around while I upgraded the cruise vehicle and rounded up more stylish peeps! Let’s get started, shall we? Before the monkeys get restless.

Gjeo– I’m bummed to not see you in your fav Gunmetal- looks like Kitty may be sad too- but ever stylish! button-closure-and-the-bat-signal

Heather is much more dressed up this morning that I- she looks prepared for anything! As one should be- I may declare her  Purring Purser of our trip! Leopard 5

Plantains abound! If anything has fueled this journey it has been Plantain Power! Helen has them in multiples! Here’s my fav, naturally!


Shar on flickr has me so proud- she’s back this year and doubling her Roar! shar

3 Words: Parisian Giraffe Wrap! I swoon!!! Thank you Lucia! Parisian-giraffe-04

Redsilvia  brings us a love story in wrap form!


Yes, Naomi– leopard is a neutral!I just love the pop it brings, don’t you? fluro-leopard

If Stitch parade gets within 50 feet of me, I will seriously clutch this clutch- it is too cute! Clutch-on-hand

I want this dress- don’t you see me at Disney in this? I totally do. Thornberry is quite the enabler with this Vogue!!!


Vicki has a lovely bag to match her obi now- and she throws in some Morris Day at her blog- got to love it! Here’s a tiny peek:

2014-01-31 21.18.05[1]

Well, thats all for now! There are still some cruisers that I need to get pics of, so please, check out the flickr group and prepare for the final roundup and SPOTTED CARPET EVENT!!!!4ff1

photo credits: meadhawg, Heather, flickr, shar, Gjeometry, Lucia, Red Silvia, Stitch parade, Thornberry, Sewing Scientist

9 thoughts on “Ground Hogs? No. Leopards!

  1. What a fabulous finale! I’m going to wrestle you for that clutch bag and the giraffe wrap….did you notice her shoes matched that wrap…yummy! Shar and Heather are really stylin’ too…thanks for such a fun filled month of jungle fever!


  2. Shar says:

    I really enjoy Jungle January and seeing what everyone comes up with. I’ve gotten some great ideas too from the Flickr group. Thanks so much Anne!


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