Wearable Wednesday Alexis Mabille

ooh- I don’t feel so well. Something about this designer has me all kitteny and giggly. Scarf hem! I know its wrong but look at the tiny bow!!!!


I don’t know what it’s doing, but I’m ok with it. Why am I ok with a mock Hermes Sling?????


It’s the power of a tiny bow- I’m blind to its faults. I don’t even mind that it’s absorbent.


Its trying to veer toward Tweeville, but I still like it!? I need a priest! Im clearly possessed!


Purse! Purse! Purse! MY judgement is officially impaired. I just made an involuntary cooing noise.


No! I’m about to smile at Katy Perry’s winter Ring master costume! Someone bring me an injection of sarcasm, STAT!


Lace and Shoulder bows!!! It’s too much!!! I’m tapping my toes and giggling!This is madness!


Gem-crusted satin bow belt!! Stop it you warlock- I can’t take anymore! I’m too dazed to see the awful overlong hem!!!



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

25 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alexis Mabille

  1. OK Anne, you have done it now…found actual lovely, feminine wearable Wednesday clothes! I want them all…bow talisman and all. Someone put thought and tailoring into these garments and the fabrics speak and flatter. Even the shoes are killer and the model is smiling…yes she knows she is rocking this collection…is there hope after all?


  2. Mmmmm Wearable Wearable Wednesday clothes. Even the overly hankie hem is forgiveable. I feel the infection is spreading.Quick, quarantine them before we’re all brought low by a bow.


  3. The first three outfits I was thinking, “What is wrong with Anne this morning?” but then I started going, “Ooooo!” I’d like to see that skirt and top in the 4th pic without the coat. Love the gray pants suit. The lacy dress is very nice. And I like the last one. The jacket at least. I’m not really a fan of the wide-leg pants.


  4. Voice of negativity here. You know you were waiting for it.

    1. Star Trek maternity wear
    2. Ferengi ambassador uniform-the pants especially
    3. Skirt made from moving blanket and the designer is VERY fond of her initials
    4. Bed ruffle mini skirt-why?
    5. something new-drapery tie backs as a necklace
    6. Ferengi funeral clothes
    7. Notice how the lining and lace hems don’t match all the way around the dress. Nice. The designer cares that us home sewers can feel good about our makes.
    8. You could fit small children in those pants legs.


  5. Wow! I confess I was so captivated by the photos (showing the BACK, too?!?!?) that I didn’t read a word of what you wrote. I wish all models posed in front of mirrors so we could see the entire garment. Love this post.


  6. LIke another poster I thought you’d gone mad until I scrolled down and the outfits kept getting better and better, like the last outfit, the black lacy dress and the army-meets-duffle coat with the contrast edging.


  7. Leigh Ann says:

    I’m not crazy about the tweesville one, or the ringmaster one. But the others: yes! Especially that last one. Lovely. I want!!! I’m short and I don’t wear wide leg pants well. But whatever. I want it.


  8. The 80’s does the 20’s. Very few of the outifts fit the model except the ringmaster and the pants. They’re ok but I’ve already DONE quilted skirts (in the 60’s and early 70’s), the crop tops (80’s), the 20’s re-hash and the bows OH SO whatever. That last jacket is very DKNY mid-90’s, the tweeskirt early 2000’s so while the collection doesn’t offend it isn’t terribly original either.


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