Frisky February- the style hits keep coming!


I’m so excited to keep seeing more and more animal print across the interwebs- you are all some stylin’ beasties!  Check out Sarah with her 2nd make   No! 3rd make- I count her adorable mouse infinity scarf too!

Snow Leopard  M6700

One of my fav Pattern Review gals to watch for is Dilliander– she does some lovely things- I’m partial to her corporate animal outfit!


Sewmanju– pack this up, necklace and all and send it hither! Thank you. I’ll be waiting.


I can’t think of anything more appropriate that a Spotty Dog in a spotty ensemble, can you?  Just seeing her makes me want cocoa and a good book! OK,a kind of trashy book…..P1000472

This next pic is a teaser- U&mii is at it again with another grrrring make!


Maria is helping me to stop fearing jumpsuits! I already loved predators- know I love them at play!


A lining of great friskiness! Go Beth– I love the unexpected pop of this! OW-5-13-18-Lining

Now. There are 3 other lovely makes on the flickr group that I don’t have links to and I’m seriously tech challenged at pulling pics off of flickr- so go see these pretties!!!


Now I’m off hunker down in the sewists Bordello to work on my Blue February make!


photo credits: Sarah, little me, meadhawg, dilliander, pattern review, Sewmanju,  Spotty Dog Social Club, U&m11, Marie, Beth. All photos remain the property of their original owners!

12 thoughts on “Frisky February- the style hits keep coming!

  1. So glad you’re extending this. The creations are incredible. And I’m stealing Manju’s first. I called dibs yesterday (if only in my own head). I’m still waiting to be able to wear my new jungle wrap without two turtlenecks and three pairs of tights under it. Maybe if we crack 35 I’ll get out there for a photo shoot.


  2. What?? Not just one month? I can’t take any more…please stop this madness now and let’s get back to formal, solid colours and conservative clothing. Animal prints – enough Anne,enough. You’ve had your fun. Let some us return to normal everyday living….please, please….I’ll have to go back into therapy if this continues


  3. Kat H says:

    Another awesome round-up! 🙂

    I was too late for Jungle January – I tried, but a faulty invisible zip resulted in a temper tantrum and my leopard-print top being thrown to the other side of the room for a couple of weeks. What can I say – it gave me a furrocious temper. 😉


  4. Love the Flickr photo album! So many creative women showing their fierce side!
    You have given so many sewers permission to just go nuts and break oiut of the safe and sane fabric choices…Brava!


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