Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson



hmm- this looks like our model was half-heartedly tp’d. Shame on you, Beckham boys!


I’m sorry- she looks like a pancake fell on her from a great height.


Is that an extra sleeve wrapped around her neck?


Office wear for the attack dogtrainers?


The ugly placemat challenge?


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

21 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday J W Anderson

  1. The first outfit…tea cozy and the Catholic school uniform skirt, the rest …maybe they lost track of time and couldn’t finish in time for the mad dash down the runway? At least she wore the same shoes with all the outfits and changed her purse. Love the flopped pancake and holey sleeves in the sweater…how clever!


  2. Still spluttering coffee over the pancake comment. And the placemat……. what happened? So many odd skirt cowls too – must be for catching crumbs, yes, a definite food theme here.


  3. Lol! It does look like a pancake fell on her! Or better still she was flipping pizza dough and it landed. I do love the fabric for the toilet paper dress and the bird top in the first one. But, the colours of the collection. So uninspired.


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