Now we reach the Summit & it’s time to reflect and enjoy a beverage……


I can’t bear to leave the Jungle! So lets all look back on our style hijinks and salute some of our favorites……and have our 1st contest!!!! Vote for your favorite gal by the watering hole and go back for another look at their blogs and flickr pics!







Sigh…does this mean we are done? No indeed! I see several more up ahead!  Go see Bridget, Ginpins, Moogers and Shanni on the flickr feed! I thank you all for hanging in there, trying new prints, encouraging each other and generally just enhancing the interwebs with your style, enthusiasm and fierceness! Lets never stop slinkin’ & purrin’ !!!!! More polls and gaudy foolishness ahead!!!

Remember: jj7

photo credits: flickr, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners!

11 thoughts on “Now we reach the Summit & it’s time to reflect and enjoy a beverage……

  1. I have all my stamps cut. This weekend will be the first one in forever where I don’t have something planned or work to do (or, at least, not as *much* work to do), so I will be a-stamping giraffe print! Then I have to steam it. Then sew it. I think I’m going to get this top finished in time for next Jungle January. 😛


  2. tinarathbone says:

    Ann, are we done? I just preshrunk 8 yds. For an enticement ooo-Layy! I thought we were going through to the end of Feb? Do say it isn’t true! Swoons onto my tiger and zebra lily print that you would have loved so much ;;; faint faint ll


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