Burda 7198, 7071- Gaudy to a higher plain!

You know I love prints. Seriously, you knew that right? Well, this year my only real challenge I have given myself is to mix it up a bit. No more separates that match nothing- ok, when I combine it you still might not think it matches, but I’ll be happy! I plan to start small- like this Anna Sui:3fb76e853f78c6d9344ca8e1fabd6639

Then add more architectural feats- Preen 2012:


My first victims are 2 separates that I think work toward my goal- Burda 7071 and 7198- lets see if they look anything like the drawings after I get thru with them!

Burda collage

Ready for my changes and whines? I don’t actually have any whines. Another plan for 2014- ok, ok, maybe I planned a little more than I said……was to stop fearing Burda. I love the shapes and quirk of them, so I will sew more of them and learn their language. This is the husbands favorite photo spot for incliment weather- I endeavour to be as entertaining as an eclipse for him. sunset2


this is fully lined!

I love the shape of this jacket- the envelope makes it look a bit boxier, but I tapered it a little- not planning to wear it closed and I’m happier without all the bulk across the chest.sunset3

My top is a standard tunicy business with a lovely repeat to it. Fabricmart- you are my friend! I don’t like a button placket- it is just not me- but I do love buttons- so I randomly sewed a bunch down the faux placket for a little more texture. Look- a turtle! These shapes are very me- flowy, sheer and leggy-worthy.  I’ve been reading the Wardrobe Architecture series and my style icons surprised me a bit- this year I plan to try a hybrid of Dita Von Teese running errands meets Judy Dench- scarey, right? Style whiplash at its finest!


This is my baby steps toward Anna Sui- just you wait- by the end of the year it’s all this:


Got any brave and squirrelly ideas for your makes?

photo credits:Pattern review, meadhawg, style.com, pinterest.   All images remain the property of their original owners.

69 thoughts on “Burda 7198, 7071- Gaudy to a higher plain!

  1. I think this outfit is amazing! It is so you, and yet it is a new you. Truly impressed with this one!
    I try to follow Wardrobe Architect, and I find it so overwhelming. I never thought of some things it challenges you to answer.


    • Its a lot to think about- but I’ve already started thinking harder about my lifestyle vs what I’m attracted to but don’t wear. Maybe I’ll close my ‘unworn clothing museum’!


  2. I totally love this! If this is a mix up of non-matching prints, bring it on. The jacket is so flattering and the colours are just so… so… I’m running out of words. At this rate, you’ll nail the Ms. Sui look by the end of 2014.


  3. Wow wow wow. Love both. Great jacket with wonderful shape. That tunic is stunning! I have just spent a couple of days doing tunics – must be our twin sync! Great fabric. The whole look is great on you.


  4. Great print combo! Love love love the jacket!
    My style icons were Alexa Chung and Helena Bonham Carter?! Young and fresh meets Tim Burton muse? Haven’t thought what that means yet.
    Anyway, looking great!


  5. Beautiful pieces, both, and they work together nicely. I’m far at the opposite end of the spectrum from Anna Sui, so I truly admire your endeavoring to dress more ‘Sui-style’. Out for dinner this evening I wore muted red solid pants, a solid black, long sleeved top, and a solid black flowy cardi. And solid black shoes. I really know how to mix it up. 😉 But I love coming here to look at your prints! I have been looking for a tunic type top to make, I shall take a closer look at 7198, as it is beautiful on you.


  6. Shar says:

    Oooh – teach me how to do this! I love the look of contrasting prints but haven’t a clue how to do it in real life. This look is awesome! I really like how the red in the tunic plays off of the red in the jacket. I think you look fabulous!


  7. You are a fashion stylist and you don’t know it! I would totally wear this. The prints DO match, not contrast. The red tones and light tones in the two fabrics mimic each other. Also, the triangular motifs in the red fabric are echoed by the triangular mountain print of the top. Cutting the sleeves of the top with the light portion of the print near the shoulder was a stroke of genius.

    You rock, girl.


  8. Oh, honey, this ensemble is beyond killa!!!! You nailed it all. Such a cool print on that jacket.

    And don’t fear the solids (This is coming from ME, mind you). My recently-stitched brown Renfrew dress makes me infinitely happy.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Anne Sui!! We’re not worthy!


  9. Ah, I think you did a terrific job Anne! Nice pattern mixing and very flattering tunic and jacket styles. Great colour matching too, I IS SO PROUD, sniff, sniff! I also like that you made the tunic out of a sheer fabric, really looks lovely.


  10. Ah prints! The Anna Sui outfit is beautiful, where are those fabrics found? Last year, I signed up for instruction on sewing but my ulterior motive was the teacher has an eye for prints, I don’t but am hoping to get one eventually. I am becoming more adventurous, but have made a couple of horrendous choices along the way.
    I’ll take that jacket off your hands if you grow tired of it, yummy!


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