Wearable Wednesday- Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Is that Darth Vader meets the Shroud of Turin? Damn. Thats going to get me some weird google searches?!


Shh- Floofy! They don’t know I brought you! Be cool until we get past the Olsen twins?!


Sith red?.


Winter on Hoth.


What George Lucas sees without his medication….


Oh  Lord! Chewie- is that you????


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

37 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday- Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

  1. There are some seriously delectable fabrics in this collection. Wierd that nowadays I see through the garments straight to the fabric. I like the first one the most! really cool geometrics going on there.


  2. jadesabre9 says:

    That last one is epic. And the furry hat too. Looks like she has some tribbles on her head … but oh wait, that’s Star Trek, not Star Wars … 😉


  3. More proof I have no fashion sense, I guess, but I sort of like some of these. I would prefer them without Chewie and Darth though. Maybe it’s just the fabric. I’ve been attracted to orange ever since I heard some uppity chick on TV say that nobody looks good in it.


  4. The fashions all fit the body, drape well and if you leave off the wacky fur and Star Wars designs, they are very wearable…That coat would work with so many things and on so many women…The winter on Hoth would be great without the fur hood and baggy sleeves on the top…isn’t the skirt intriguing? It is Fortuny pleating? So feminine!


  5. BEST THING EVER! And, you’ve seen Rodarte’s collection, yes? http://fashionista.com/2014/02/rodarte-fall-2014-review/ They did not go to the Dark Side the way Preen did, but I love both collections!

    The colours and fabrics are terrific. I passed out momentarily at that Nanook of the North parka! It’s fabulous and would have come in handy here in December during the power outage, n’est pas? I love the lines and shapes too.

    The only criticism I have and it’s a BIG ONE, is: “is that real fur???” It may very well be and SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on them. SHAME. NO need for the use of real fur in fashion EVER.

    Besides that though……Of Course, the best part: Star Wars. I am a child of the 70’s (yup, wear a flower in your hair, roller disco and what what) and Star Wars was one of the first movies I had ever seen in my life and one of the first times I’d ever been to the theatre! I saw the movie with my dad and brother (while my mom waited in the car in the parking lot??? Parents! ?) AND, I use a lot of Star Wars imagery and characters in the Physics (Forces) workshop I teach. The Force is With Me. And, I smile. 🙂


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