Wearable Wednesday Alice + Olivia

Evelyn couldn’t understand why none of the other PTA moms ever invited her to their coffee hour. Everytime she saw them in the grocery store, they seemed so aloof. ao1

Don’t hurt your neck- she comes with a decoder ring.


Tumnus the fawns biggest groupie-


What? Too much for the Pizza Hut?


I know Wanda considers herself a romantic, but come inside for Pete’s sake?!


If a bra falls in the forest, does it make a sound?


Whatever happened to the big bad wolf?



photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

79 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alice + Olivia

  1. Oh man, I *love* almost all of these. Wouldn’t be a problem except I just said I don’t feel comfortable copying things 100% over on Peter’s Male Pattern Boldness blog…. Rachel 😉


  2. Photoshopping gone mad!

    There is no way those legs belong to the Pizza Hut lady. And several of the others show evidence of legs (and probably other parts) that are not their natural shape.

    That said, I love the red coat, but by the time it was scaled up to my size it might look like I had the loungeroom drapes wrapped around me.


  3. It’s not something to wear to the office but I like most of these outfits. Or maybe just the atmosphere in the pictures. Could have something to do with the fact that we’re watching ‘lost’ at the moment, so the jungle feels like familiar surroundings.


  4. Shar says:

    I’m not cool enough or tall enough to pull off any of these looks, but I love them! I’ll take the coat from look 1, the whole outfit from look 3, and all of the shoes please!


  5. Ooooo… pretty, pretty, pretty! I don’t think I’m too old to play dress up (is one ever?) but I’d feel guilty spending a lot of money and time on things I’d probably never have the nerve to wear out of the house. Maybe #3. I might be able to wear that one in public.


  6. This collection could be called “Romancing the Wolves”…as in roaming wolves in the forest and Pizza Hut…so seductive, so luxurious, so feminine…what a throwback from finer times when women adored lace and swooned. I’ll take that velvet burnout coat at the top!


  7. I’ll take all but the muppet fabrics, and I LOVE the “too much for pizza hut” outfit. 😉 I’d never be able to wear these things with my lifestyle, but I lurve them anyway. Thanks for the fun commentary on gorgeous clothes this week!


  8. Those are some pretty great fabrics… I think I need a long brocade jacket now, just to scare away the PTA ladies at the grocery store (not that I already don’t haha). The only thing better was how long I actually deliberated over whether a bra falling in the forest would make a sound, and why they didn’t let her wear it instead ^__^


  9. Alice and Olivia is one of the designers I like to go “check out..” I actually love that red coat and the green dress would look darn cute on one of my girls… Not sure about the Red Riding Hood forest and Big Bad wolf look on some of the girls but I can see some winners there! The black and white coat is a bit … furry for me though!


  10. It’s all so gaudy and fluffy and shiny. I would unapologetically wear it all for fabulous daily occasions like visiting the post office and getting groceries. And my kids would probably insist on meeting me a block away from school instead of letting me come inside, but I would have a gorgeous coat, so it wouldn’t matter.


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