At Last! The Sew Grateful Giveaway!

Happy Oscar Weekend!!! oscar

I’ll bet you all thought I’d forgotten my Sew Grateful Giveaway- it’s been a turbulent week…..root canal, forgetting that I had to work Saturday, new puppy shopping (Bruderlein is so busy, he needs a little Pup Friday to assist him, don’cha know!) but I am ready to get this HUGE EVENT going! First I’d like to thank everyone who pulled me out of my funk in my last post- I’m actually feeling quite embarrassed by my petulance. Never fear- the gaudy will go on. I know no other way!


First, I’d like to say that every comment was great! I so enjoyed seeing what everyone’s favorite classic movies are and I now know who’d sofa I plan to retire to after a hard day!  If you are wondering, here is what all our bloggy peeps like to watch at home:

Some of you like noir– one of my favorite reading genres and would suggest you check out:Humphrey_Bogart_in_The_Big_Sleep_trailer

-Dark Passage

-The Big Sleep

-Rear Window

-Mildred Pierce

And of course-


Want your heart-warmed?


-It’s a Wonderful Life

-Auntie Mame

Like a saucy heroine?


-Philadelphia Story

-His Girl Friday

-The Women

-History is Made at Night

-Bringing Up Baby

For your singalong pleasure we have-


-Holiday Inn

– Seven Brides for seven brothers

-Mary Poppins

-The Sounds of Music

Want to read along?


-The 10 Commandments

– Wuthering Heights

– Pride and Prejudice

Ready for the most popular? 

It’s my favorite Frank Morgan movie! Yes!  The Wizard of Oz is our most popular film!Now this pic is rumored to be photoshopped- but doesn’t it look much nicer?


Bruder thought it would be fun to take the Wizard of Oz fans and choose our winner from that pool-

Ready? Nope, not yet.

Now, I love classic movies- my favorite ride in Disney World is the Great Movie Ride- I get positively giddy when I’m on it. So in honor of the 1st blogger that mentioned my favorite movie- I have a little additional prize.

Women poster 3

Hari!! You mentioned The Women and earned my ‘jungle red’ nails in a big thumbs up!!! It looks like all of us would love to hang out with Rosalind Russell! header

Bruder- may I have the envelope please? OK. Bruder is too engaged in chewing training  his new little friend Helmutt Burgermeister to assist me today, but he promises to be back very soon when he has his staff under control. I will bring in a substitute. John? academy5

Our Winner is:

Erin! of Trumbelina Sews!   Erin- check your junk email!

photo credits: google images- all pictures are the property of their original owners and licensed for reuse.

15 thoughts on “At Last! The Sew Grateful Giveaway!

  1. Minnie Me says:

    What no puppy photo?!? You missed an opportunity for a clean sweep!-Movies, prizes, wit, humor,cool photos and a photo of the new pup – would have been swoon worthy!


  2. Need puppy photo – need puppy photo – need puppy photo. Did Bruder get a little antsy as everyone wanted him as the prize and now you have a new pup????


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