Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

Fashions deadliest assassin- code name: Ribbon Candy!


A design brought to you by the Home Insulation Council- reminding you to only look for recycled materials in your attic insulation planning!


Shut up! My Grandmother made it! It matches the one the spare roll is wearing!

Thelma was getting to be such a bore at parties- she was totally obsessed with pictionary…..


This makes a better vacuum cleaner bag than a dress…did you scope the hoof covers yet?


Ardella is very concerned about whether or not the place she put her keys was really a pocket….



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

41 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

  1. Wow I winner what the Pictionary and Keys ones are made out of: silk organza? tulle? And whether there layers move when they walk? I almost like them. The others not so much! Rachel ☺


  2. Kat says:

    I always love these…makes my Wednesday! Didn’t know you could dress like a book – that’s a great Halloween idea 😛


  3. Is it just me or do these garments (I refuse to call them clothes, don’t know why) look like they are from a Project Runway episode where they take them to a hardware store and tell them to find the means to make garments? Two of the outfits look like they were made from garbage bags and a couple bear a striking resemblance to Tyvek. Anyone got any ideas for the others?

    The fifth one? Exactly what a normal woman wants, added bulk around the hips. Or maybe it is the new trend in hip protectors for the elderly (can you tell I work in a nursing home?).


  4. I agree with Kat, great costume idea with the book dress!!! The rest…close my eyes and hope the visions go away 😉 Your commentary was wonderful as always. Happy Wednesday!


  5. Shar says:

    Spot on commentary! As much as I like the inspirational Wearable Wednesdays, I love the ‘What were they thinking’ Wearable Wednesdays! My favorite comment was the spare roll outfit. I’m pretty sure my grandmother made the same in pink!


  6. Attic insulation, building supplies, black trash bags…are real women going to buy these and wear them around? Looks like something folks would wear after a natural disaster and their homes were flooded or washed away or sucked into a sinkhole. Some caring neighbor brought over some crap from the garage and they fashioned it into a garment to cover up. You can tell by the models’ hair that they have endured a rainstorm or hurricane.


  7. There are a couple of those fabrics I want to touch and others that I know if I did I would just go eeeeeewwwww. I’m running out to make sure no one has stolen the hooves off my goats, but by the looks of some of that footwear, they maybe hoof-less goats somewhere in the world. And imagine, the models being angry!


  8. I sure wish they had let the models wash their hair. The clothes were bad enough with out greasy stringy hair. who is going to wear this stuff? well, the book garments, those were interesting. Do they come with fabric pens to take notes?


  9. LOL…What would we do without our Wearable Wednesday fix?

    Another fun post and inexplicably odd clothing! Although as a horse person – especially as a young girl – I halfway covet those “hoof covers” 😉


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