Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

The one Axl Rose left at the altar:


But she’s not bitter.


Patty just loved to subtly remind people that she had dated an LA Ram.


Sigh. Even her urchin-epalettes can’t make this fun.


The only outfit ever rejected for Jungle January:

Excuse me, Ma’am – I think your thing is hanging out- oh, never mind…..


Ok, I’ve lost count- how many ill-advised things is she wearing right now?


I’m about over the edge here. I can’t even think anymore. These last two are up to you- I have a pageant fabric induced migraine. ale10

If I squint, it looks like her torso has a giant mouth throwing up lace curtains! Try it!



Photo credits: style.com, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alessandra Rich

  1. It looks like someone went into the back room of a bridal gown factory and raided the trash can for scraps….she is trying to be a haughty model but comes off as “little girl lost” in search of a good meal and a hairbrush. The consistent feature throughout are white striped panti-hose and white boots…the rest just wayward parts looking for a home. Thank you for bringing sea urchins to our attention…who knew!


  2. jadesabre9 says:

    HAHAHAHA! The second to last one looks like a Valentine’s Day date gone wrong. Lace is pretty, but I am not sure that it should ever be pants …


  3. Perhaps I’m not feeling well. Or I need another cup of tea. I like a couple of these. The next to the last one is my favorite; it’s so pretty. If I lost 30 pounds I would totally wear that. If I had anywhere to wear it. Where does one wear such a thing? Oh. Now I see the problem.


  4. My little redneck heart usually goes all aflutter when I see lace, but this didn’t do it for me. I liked the concept of the first two dresses, but the overskirt must go!


  5. Lace and pageant horror fabrics aside…is anyone driven to distraction by that narrow leather belt? I mean, what the heck? Was this the only item left on the Sears accessory wall or something? Such a strange pairing with all the other crazy,overwrought fabrics. I hear Tim Gunn saying ‘Edit’!

    Another case of ‘Who gave this person funding’?!!!!


  6. redsilvia says:

    I hope the rest of the collection is a tad more, um, pretty! I actually just g**gled the designer and there are some beautiful dresses from past collections on image search, these sadly are not among them. I’m a bit concerned about the model, shall we call social services to do a welfare check?


  7. I can see where the designer was heading. It’s supposed to be bridal/ironic or even prom/ironic but it just doesn’t get there.
    Thank you for the laugh out loud comments.


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