Simplicity 1660- Come on summer!!!!

I think I have a Season Affective Disorder.


Let’s look at the symptoms according to The Mayo Clinic :

Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder symptoms include:
•Depression (I’m tired of my winter clothes)
•Hopelessness (I can’t find any new ways to pair these boring old winter clothes)
•Anxiety (didn’t I just wear this???)
•Loss of energy  (why bother matching my socks- they’re trapped inside boots)
•Heavy, “leaden” feeling in the arms or legs (this layering is keeping me down)
•Social withdrawal (because I have nothing new to wear)
•Oversleeping (why get up? My closet has failed me)
•Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed (in the fall, I loved looking at sweaters)
•Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates (can’t face another piece of corduroy without a cupcake)
•Weight gain (damned cupcake)
•Difficulty concentrating  (I should hack off the sleeves- wait… what?)


Yup. I has it. Ok, maybe it’s not the real thing, but I feel troubled by all this winter lingering!!! I hope I do not offend anyone who is actually suffering- I hope you get my foolishness.  The antidote? I boxed up all my winter fabrics and cut out 3 springy tops!!!  Now the first one is very me- it’s boxy, brown and features some spots! The lovely Shanni  sent me the left overs from her gorgeous 2013 Gertie Portrait blouse. She asked, I immediately purred YES!!!The rest is gaudy history. Simplicity 1660 may get alot of love this summer. It floats about me like a summer blouse in South Carolina should! I tapered the kimono sleevelets up and in top shape it a little bit more without losing the floatiness. My only other construction change was using a readymade bias tape on the neckline to help support it better.  I chose view B- I thought it would really lend its self well to contrast prints. The husband isn’t so sure- he thinks it might be a little themey.


I’ve sworn off buttondown tops by the way. I never like me in them- but oddly enough, I LOVE buttons.  So for no good reason, this top has 5.


Now why are there only 2 reviews of this out there? Check out this one  and this one.  Both are very cute! You know my photohusband loves his urban decay- last year he ended up unknowningly documenting a local crime scene. Oopsy.


Mince, mince thru the broken glass, vines and old cheerwine cans, don’t disturb the napping hobos. Mr B worked hard to keep the less tasteful, yet highly instructive graffiti out of frame.



So who else is ready to change seasons? Any out there ready for some hot weather activities?

lombard commissioner


photo credits: pattern review, Shanni Loves, meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

81 thoughts on “Simplicity 1660- Come on summer!!!!

  1. What a great top – love it on you! You’re right, that pattern would be perfect for our hot, dare I say stifling summer days! BTW…you look like you’ve lost weight 🙂 SO ready for warmer temps!


  2. Buttons!!!!! You may have just given me the perfect answer to my sewing dilemmas – I love buttons, detest buttonholes, & generally can shimmy into my tops without them – just add them as features – YES!! 😉
    and yours… – I love it! – I adore your fabrics together, looks fabulous & can SO relate to the urban decay focus – I think I’ve sold hubby on interior shots ATM, but lets not let the DHs chat or I’ll be stepping over broken glass in heels next… (and bonus squee at sausage puppies)


  3. That is a lovely top – looks fabulous on you. Great fabric. I am glad you are gearing up for Spring. Down under we are getting ready to – dare I say it – gulp – sew for winter. I hope I have’t sent you into a downward spiral…… Sorry if there are spelling errors here. For some reason I am only getting a millimetre to type in so can’t see it.


  4. Haaa haa haaa! I think I have SAD too. That would explain the chocolate chips I’m eating straight out of the bag right now. Despite what hubbie might say I think you should make more of this top. The seaming is perfect for pattern mixing and it looks cute.


  5. redsilvia says:

    Super cute top and pattern mixing (?). Just remember, now it’s not humid. When it is, you may think back to this ay fondly.


  6. Martha says:

    This pattern just becomes so much better because you mixed fabric. And do I note a jungle theme? Urban jungle, perhaps. I’ve been populating my stash with jungle themed fabric since starting to read your blog.


    • Jungle indeed- Shanni’s blouse did it much more justice, but I’m really starting to love this top. I really don’t know why they didn’t show off the wonderful contrast opportunities…..


  7. Your choca-mocha print top is divine! You look like an Amazonian warrior in your photos and I also love the way the brickwork colour is the perfect foil for it all. I’m happy to join you in an almost spring chorus of “bring on the dresses”. I’m an odd creature though … I am happy with the temperature for a few days in spring and then when summer hits I immediately declare it too hot … Weather only suitable for floating around the house in a cotton lawn maxi dress and no panties. 😉


  8. You can have our hot and sticky weather now. I’m over the humidity. Humidity is only good if you’re swanning around Singapore on holidays.
    This prints are fab. I love your print finding skills. They are really well honed.
    Can your hubby train mine to take such great pics please?


  9. Oh this is such a cute top and the colors are fabulous on you. I think I’d really like this for summer also. Don’t remember seeing this pattern, so thanks for the introduction!


  10. I’m definitely ready for winter to end. Though it doesn’t seem to be doing so -_- I LOVE the fabrics you decided on for this pattern!!! Why do they always seem to choose such awful fabrics for the pattern envelopes? Your choice would totally sell the pattern better!


  11. Shar says:

    You are the pattern mixing queen! The most I’ve done is put a plain white collar on a plaid shirt! This looks like the perfect summer shirt – oh summer I miss you! I think the outfit shows off well against the rustic background (so I think your husband was right about the location, but not about your shirt). ‘Highly instructive graffiti’ – lol!


  12. Oooh, I LOVE this outfit on you! It’s super, super cute! Dammit, I’m so sick to death of winter that I can’t even deal with it. It’s been cold and rainy all weekend and I just can’t stand to sew any more cold weather clothes, so I just cut out a kimono top in a floaty cotton-silk. Hey, if we sew for summer, it will have to show up, right?


  13. Love the mix of patterns! I also really like the length on this. I think I have this pattern in stash. I may need to dig it out now. And I can only imagine where you are in these photos. Or the crime scene you speak of Crazy old a-town!


  14. Love this top on you. I am looking for inspiration for my own summer wardrobe :-). Am visiting the states in July and recon I need something for much hotter weather then I am used to 🙂

    I think you pieced this together wonderfully. 🙂


  15. bimbleandpimble says:

    You rock my world, lady! And this is fierce to the max! Side note- those pants are epic too! 😀
    (ps I’m going to Tokyo Disney and Tokyo Disney Sea in a couple of weeks and I thought you would appreciate why I am so excited!)


  16. This looks great! Love the colours, and for once I’m not put off by that uneven hem trendy thing style. And is that some jungle cat sneaking into the sleeves? 😀


  17. Your top looks gorgeous! I love it.

    I feel caught between seasons. I want to sew something pretty and flowery but the weather is not quite there yet and it depresses me to think about sewing something that I won’t be able to wear for a month. On the other hand, I don’t want to sew something that I might only wear once or twice before the weather warms up. I am working on what I think will be a good in between blouse.


  18. Kat says:

    GREAT top and I love the combo of fabrics! Funny cause I have had a gut full of summer and want the cold to come on! I guess too much of anything isn’t good!


  19. starryfishathome says:

    That top really rocks! Tons better than the envelope, they really should sack their marketing dept. Re Spring, I’ve cut out two 3/4 sleeve tops and am planning light grey corduroy jeans instead of black; does that count?


  20. Wahhhh! I feel your pain! We had two nice days and woke up to blizzarding today. I am going back and forth between sewing for summer and knitting a wool sweater… how’s that for crazy weather!


  21. This is flipping gorgeous. Love the two fabrics and the free floatylightness of the top. love the arty photo setting too. Weather here in Phoenix is odd to my upbringing and the rest of the world….we’re almost out of the only period of ‘good’ weather we experience, heat in the 70s-80s, we have to get and about in this too brief weeks of not breathtakingly scorching 115+s. However I mustn’t grumble as my seasonal affected disorder and depression have actually lessened since moving to Phoenix, sunlight and blue skies do seriously work. And yet, I’m still having trouble getting this year started and it’s April already….no fair. Probably ought to follow your example and make some pretties….


  22. cheryl rivenbark says:

    Love the fabrics you did this in. I made this once last summer in a silk/cotton voile and LOVE wearing it here in northern Mexico. Have some fabrics already in line for this summer. I had better get busy, summer is almost here.


  23. More brilliant print matching! There’s a fashion designer down here in NZ, Annah Stretton, who does amazing print matching, and I go in there to examine her stuff and see if I can learn the skill by osmosis. Looks like I’ll be able to learn from you too!


  24. I just pulled this pattern out of my stash at lunch ready to give it another look. You have convinced me. I was going to go plain coloured, but after seeing yours I am reconsidering!! Love, love, LOVE!!


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