Wearable Wednesday Francesco Scognamiglio

Um….ok. Is that a gorilla in a latex dickey? Crap. Here come the unseemly google searches?!


I can’t even imagine what this would do to the hips of mere mortals-


Forgive her- she was up all night serving glowtinis at a Genie themed rave.


Ok- me likey! Perhaps with something under it.


It was just a clerical error, but she flaunted her 1 night in jail stories to gain more street cred at Mommy and Me events.


Bonnie couldn’t help wondering if she had spilled her wine- everyone seemed to be staring.


What? You said business casual!


Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Francesco Scognamiglio

  1. “See my vest, see my vest, made of real gorilla chest…!” Pretty much all I could think about after seeing the first picture. These are in that so horrible it’s entertaining category. Now I must go and check off “with nipples” on my latex torso shirt order.


  2. That first one bothers me. I mean really. bothers. me. #3 is pretty but lining please! #4 is not bad. I would love the last one with a proper, lady-like blouse underneath. “Lady-like?” I am such a dinosaur.


  3. WHO gave this person actual money to create this mess of a ‘collection’? #bscrazy

    Seriously. That mess of a ‘coat’ (# 2, but #1 qualifies, too) should see his ‘design’ creds pulled. I mean, seriously…he’s managed to make a stick figure look like bulky. And that ‘see my boobies’ shirt? Game over, dude.

    (Apologies for the snarky…but this guy…UGH!)


  4. The business casual has some interesting features…what older woman doesn’t want to camouflage her wrinkled neck? Problem solved…wear a high neck nipple busting top. Want folks to not notice your expanding waistline…hand weird ruffled shit from your hips. Top it all off with a plain blah jacket…office chic! And for after work you can add that sheer grey blouse and let everyone see why you were hired in the first place.


  5. Well, I happen to LOVE AND WANT that gorgeous red mahogany toned coat – without the latex undershirt. I’d wear it all winter around here! And looking at that lace-yoked blouse had me wondering how many muslins were required to get the “frame” fit right under the booobies. I went off in a fit of hysteria thinking of fitting that shirt under and around my lovely very maternity-experienced-multiple-times-middle-aged-exercise-free girls! hahaha Seriously, though. Scary. But I’d still wear that coat!!! 😀


  6. Shar says:

    Some of these are just frightening! How did the designer manage to make the skinniest of the bunch look the widest?? Seriously her legs are smaller in diameter than my forearms. I would love to lounge around the house in #3 though…


  7. Piper Springs says:

    Was this yesterday? Maybe it’s an April Fools. Surely it’s an April Fools. Please God, let it be an April Fools.


  8. sewbussted says:

    I’m trying to find my eyes as they popped right out of my head when I saw the “let me show you my boobs” piece. Wowsa!!!


  9. I’d like to make an intelligent comment but all I can think about is that boobie outfit… to show that much nip and it’s STILL not even sexy – that’s talent… or something?


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