Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

Set phasers on GUSH! sui1

Oh! Oh! Its like a million little scarves having their way with her!


I’m having a textilegasm.


Do they make sequinned animals? I love evolution, so much!


I have no words. Only squealing.


It’s not too much, right? Come on, I can wear this to work, right?


Fanning myself. Losing all objectivity!


Phew! I found one I’m not crazy about.  I knew if I tried really hard…..oh, hell- I’d wear it.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

53 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Anna Sui

  1. Marsha says:

    Love the clothes, but I’m especially enraptured by the boots. And the matching tights! I love the entire look, except the sort of weird partial bangs, but if I had to wear my hair like that to get the rest of the look, I’d do it.


  2. OK, so I don’t love the finished clothes (don’t hate them either, though!), but the fabrics *oh GOD the FABRICS* I will have 5 yards of each, please and thanks! 😉 Also, can I say that I’d oddly enamoured with the footwear? There’s something about the tennis-shoe lace-up boot hybrid thing they’ve got going on there that really appeals to me. You can’t go wrong with purple velvet…just sayin’. 😉


  3. Lord have mercy….even the back views are gorgeous!!!! Why can’t more designers go in this direction…beauty, fluidity and glamor? I’ll bet no one noticed the weird bangs/fringe sections the models were wearing because the clothes were so outstanding!


  4. starryfishathome says:

    Love them all, apart from the stripes. I want the boots, but I wouldn’t mix the prints and furs. Maybe I’m not bold enough to stand up to the pointing and laughing.


  5. redsilvia says:

    We must find some of that leftover fabric that’s printed like scarves. You know some NYC fabric jobber has it in a warehouse in NJ…Yum-mee!

    FYI I’m loving that the f*d up bangs are runway worthy. I can get my bangs to do that with little to no effort (and/or brushing).


  6. Seeing as you’ve all decided which models to beat up and steal their clothes, I call dibs on number 3’s shoes. This has reminded me I need to wear my purple fur stole more though. Thank you for parading such beauty before me.


  7. Great collection!! Love the colours, textures, patterns – except maybe the last one; it’s like the weasel in the apple barrel LOL. That pattern panelling reminds me of your cranes tunic – see? you’re totally a famous designer 🙂
    (side note, let’s steal those boots…. i want the black ones or the green ones, or the purple ones… or all of them)


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