Wearable Wednesday Mary Katrantzou

Hmm- the body suit effect is not selling me. She looks like an extremely modest diety.


But it does have pockets! Perhaps for extra patches!


The center panel features ancient teddy bear safety tip runes!


That Betheny- always hinting at how many scout masters she’d been with?!


Oh, look- she’s having a sale!


Do not look behind the curtain!!!!!


Its like a snake tried to shrink wrap itself to her…..i miss the digital prints!


Please tell me this is lined- or the model deserves hazard pay.


Nic Cage was able to find Jimmy Hoffa and a trove of Nazi gold while wearing this dress.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mary Katrantzou

  1. Knife pleats and snakes, oh my! At least they are wearable to some function…not sure which? The second to the last dress with the metal motifs should not get near any airport scanners or get caught in the rain or wander around any Home Depot hardware department or someone might think she is stealing valuable gadgets and do-dads for some DIY home repair. I’m digging the mukluks on the Sale girl.


  2. Kinda loving these… except for the hardware one – that one made me hum ‘one of these things does not belong…’ but the modest deity ones are pretty cool 🙂 Didn’t even see the strategically placed ‘sale’ sign until you made me look – do you think this is sartorical commentary on how the designer feels about models? LOL


  3. Hummmmmm….. yeah…. I’m shaking my head… although I do like that floor-length badge one. It would be the standout piece at any black tie event! And I’ve always loved starburst pleats. I’m just not sure about the combinations….


  4. Wow. I’m so incredibly dense. I had to read your comment AND see the comment from Symondeszn before I realized what was going on. That seems too perfectly situated to be “accidental”, I kinda hope the model gave the designer a well-deserved slap, like they do in the old movies when the man did something stupid and offensive.


  5. Now either one of those black dresses would have been okay and I often start out making one thing and end up with something completely different, but that curtain number is just way to weird for me. It always pains me to see some great fabrics go to waste and scout badges! 😉


  6. I want several yards of that last fabric. I don’t know what I’d do with it but it looks intriguing. I need to break out of the floral and paisley rut I’ve been in lately. (No I don’t.)


  7. Funky! But there is no over-arching ‘style’. So I guess I have to pass…wait a minute, would you save your bottlecaps for me? I’m making a dress a la Katrantzou…


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