Mccall 6794- A decorative Windsock for the summer!

When I was little I loved the idea of a big ass bow sash on my clothing. I think I had a Tasha Tudor fixation. Be careful to enunciate when you wish for things. The fairies gave me just the first part- a big ass. I’m not so sure it needs attention drawn to it in the form of streamers. So I really loved this blouse pattern at first, until I realized that the back wasn’t charmingly fitted as the front- it was gathered apron style in the back. Holy Holly Hobby, Batman- that is not so flattering on a big girl! I swear I had this doll!


Also, I have not had to worry about keeping my sashings out of the potty in a long, long time and I don’t miss the supervision of my rear accessories?!6794

So if you’d told me that I would be sewing this pattern, I would have assumed those malicious fairies were back- late at night, whispering into my sleeping ear:

‘By morning you will crave the look of a kimono sleeved toddler mullet apron!!! ‘

Fairies noisily scanning a crumpled memo from the home office- ‘Oh, and you want to buy the entire first season of Devious Maids on dvd! ‘

See! None of my bad decisions are my own- I am just a victim here. A victim in pink challis!pink1

Now I don’t hate this, it is comfortable and good for work, I like the sweepy skirt tail, too, truth be told. I’m not totally believing that this shape is great for me, but I think this little number will get a lot of wear.

Regrets? I wish it I’d cut it in the tunic length- I could see this very casually with leggings, visiting my favorite mouse. It was quite windy- does wind catching your blouse count as an action shot?


Ok, I have grit in my eye and I’m having to hold my blouse down to keep from gut-flashing the kids on the swings- time to go home!


So I can count April 2014 as the month I gave in to the mullet hem- have you broken any personal vows lately?



Photo credits: Meadhawg, Pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Francesco Scognamiglio

Um….ok. Is that a gorilla in a latex dickey? Crap. Here come the unseemly google searches?!


I can’t even imagine what this would do to the hips of mere mortals-


Forgive her- she was up all night serving glowtinis at a Genie themed rave.


Ok- me likey! Perhaps with something under it.


It was just a clerical error, but she flaunted her 1 night in jail stories to gain more street cred at Mommy and Me events.


Bonnie couldn’t help wondering if she had spilled her wine- everyone seemed to be staring.


What? You said business casual!


Photo credits: All images remain the property of their original owners.