Wearable Wednesday Dries Van Noten

IS it the fabric? I’m kind of loving this business….

<a href="https://prttynpnk.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/droi1.jpg”>droi1

How about this for a stroll thru the grocery store? An angry stroll.


Dang! Just when I think I found my soulmate they reveal the Enya cd they keep in the glove compartment.


If this was inspired by what the designer sees when he closes his eye- meds adjustment is needed- more, please.


Please leave this coat unattended at the Bojangles, I swear it won’t go missing!


But Hortense, we’ve never met, how will I recognize you at the funeral?


I kind of love this one…..


Oh, Dries, you know me!


If I get invited to a silent movie gala hosted by the United Council of Hostile Drag Queens- this is my outfit:


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Wearable Wednesday Sacai

Hmm….she’s totally putting the tart in tartan


Sometimes a model feels lost and needs her wooby for comfort…


STOP. Yeti time-


Um…interesting. Like a plaid scarecrow


At the show, the first person to correctly count the number of pieces this model was wearing won a gift bag from Curtainworld!


Honey, if I were you, I’d move that safety pin to a more helpful spot……


Sybil became a celebrated model, bravely overcoming  her fears of drowning by subtly wearing a life jacket on the catwalk.


If she spins really fast, she looks like Don Draper molesting an intern…..


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Simplicity 1431- Unblanded!


You just yawned, didn’t you?  I did. It feels like these envelopes get lamer and lamer. Are they trying to show us an absolutely blank palette for us to project our own vision onto? Or are they as bored with their basics as we are? I picked this up because I liked the neckline. I also figured all those seamlines could be fun for contrasting materials. The  tech drawing of the dress screams ‘maiden aunt attending guest book at your wedding’. It should come with a carnation wrist corsage.

I felt it screaming for help- I heard its call! “help me! I’m so stinking beige!” Ok, maybe it was just on sale. Maybe I’m just on a princess seam kick.  I had this fabulous stretch cotton from fabricmart that needed a friend. Ok, it needed some toning down- if I made a whole dress in this I would look like a kaleidoscope vomited on me. There’s your visual for the day. Ready? The husband was very sweet to take these pics downtown for me this evening as the sun was leaving and he was exhausted from taking pics at a charity mud run.



I gave the side panels a waist seam- I feared a circus tent visual if I just did alternating panels! I’m really pleased with this. As usual I left out the back seam and the zipper- curving the back side seams into the waist to shape it a little and used all those wonderful seams  for fit adjustments- the medallion print is a stretch cotton, so it gives a good bit. I love that it was muslin free- I say we rename ‘Princess seams’ to ‘Goddess seams’! They deserve more love and respect.  3 spools of thread died in the seam finishes, but I think I have a new go to summer dress. Here’s a closer look at the sides- with my sweater- crushed sleeve wings- I used a turquoise bias tape doe my sleeve facings and oh, I raised the neckline 1 inch. It was tres colleavagy?!rust4

So what’cha think? Medallions or details of a very ripe petri dish? Hey! I think I see the next Pantone color selection!


OK, I always wanted to do this:

Dress: Me Made

Necklace: Snow white for Disney Couture

Footwear: Converse

(class, right?)


So do you have a pattern wallflower that turned into the belle of the ball for you? I love a pleasant surprise! While writing this I kept thinking about that scene in the Thomas Dolby video where the assistant whips off her glasses, unpins her chignon and she’s suddenly hot! Enjoy:



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Wearable Wednesday Meadham Kirchhoff

We’ll start slow- I think this will get interesting. Don’t sip your beverages, sit squarely in your seats.


If Coco Chanel had any regrets it was only that she may have inspired this….


Seeing her nipples is really just the tip of the iceberg as it were….





Oh dear sweet baby ruth- it’s pants!?


I kind of want to liberate this blouse and give it a safe home.


No, no, Estelle- throw a scarf over a floor lamp to give a soft glow to the room, wait- are you the floor lamp?


Meet the newest girl power supervillain- Rough Menses!


The designer was inspired by a visit to Seaworld and Sesame Place on the same day-\



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Vogue 1390 and a little Top

Remember this winsome debutante?


Its a dress I just love. It’s broilingly hot tho. Seriously. I think I lined it in pot holders while I was distracted by tv. I’ve been on the prowl for another style that  I enjoy as well. I don’t know why this appeals to me so. The ease of styling it? The basicness? No idea. Just love it. But it’s South Carolina and 2 days a year it is cold enough to enjoy. I’ll do it again in a lighter material, but will gaudy lightening strike twice for me? Who can tell. I saw this last month:


Vogue 1390. A perfect canvas for gaudy foolishness. I keep stalking Pattern Review hoping to see others, but no, I guess it’s up to me to, well, to quote Martha Washington, ‘Turn this mutha’ up!’  Shall we? Ok, here’s the details- Loose-fitting, pullover dress has neckline variations, self-lined yokes, bands and sides, no side seams and bias armhole facings. A: optional lining. I lined mine because my front panel was a sheerish voille- from fabricmart. The sides were courtesy of a sojourn to Mary Jo’s.   I have chosen plaid as my new neutral!


This pattern had me a little baffled- the front and back panels fold up to create a self facing, I totally didn’t get it at first . I consulted a very wise Sew-wizard. She advised that I relax and learn a new technique. Of course, I’d already barreled thru and gone totally Sinatra on it (My Way, don’cha know) but now, I have a plan to do a 2nd without sheerness and unlined, so I shall go forth and follow directions. Novel idea, right? I did a hybrid of the instructions, because I needed to line my sheer front panel- the side panel sandwich made that really easy to make a nice inside. I’m not totally sold on this one. So far my fav view of it is this:


I don’t love the side panels so much. As a construction feature, very nifty. In practice, I thought they just sat funny- maybe that was just my body. I wore it to work this week and the shape was so bell-like on me that i immediately came home and tapered it in on the sides. This picture is artfully posed to show how my side panels kind of flutter inwards:


Sadly, this will not be my summertime go to frock- I think it’s more like ‘oh, this doesn’t need ironing….’ It is a proud day when I compare mine to the envelope and have the same flaws as a professionals! Ok, that’s really bad on my part- why did I think that the underarm accordion action and he odd hem waffling wouldn’t happen when I made it? Am I super girl or something? No. I think I just liked the fabric on the envelope. I am shallow, remember? I’m hoping to see some other versions of this pattern- I’d like to be re-inspired by anothers  take on it. Then I will shamelessly and blatantly copy them. As it should be. Photoshoot supervision:


This also fits into my 6 month resolve to only buy fabric that makes something else work. The voille was lonely, it needed a friend. I’m all about selfless uniting of textile lonelyhearts. I am a giver! I also gave myself a little blouse with the scraps- Butterick 5956- with a bonus lacy waist bit. This top is not a huge favorite- gee 2 ‘ehs’ in a row- great post, Anne.  The back has no shape and the front has tucks at the bust. Tucks that I feel should have been darts, or gathers. The tucks make weird lumpage at the bosom. I don’t need that. But it’s ok, I may pull them out and gather it.  Whats your take on bustal lumpage? Ignore it or change it? Who says I can’t embrace tough issues ?


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Wearable Wednesday Ace & Jig

I assumed the designers must be a funloving crime fighter and his lovable labradoodle. No. She doesn’t look like she has been saved.


“Would you like me to read you the specials? They all involve kale. ”




I just……sigh.


My Mom had these place mats. But she never let me wear them.


I blame Pharrell


Let’s pause briefly while the model changes and takes her zoloft.


Whats up with that crotch? Yes, I know, that is only half the horror, but still….



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