Wearable Wednesday Ace & Jig

I assumed the designers must be a funloving crime fighter and his lovable labradoodle. No. She doesn’t look like she has been saved.


“Would you like me to read you the specials? They all involve kale. ”




I just……sigh.


My Mom had these place mats. But she never let me wear them.


I blame Pharrell


Let’s pause briefly while the model changes and takes her zoloft.


Whats up with that crotch? Yes, I know, that is only half the horror, but still….



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners,

53 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ace & Jig

  1. Did they acquire remnants from Pottery Barn or Linens N Things? What grown woman would go out in these clothes unless she was harvesting organic produce?


  2. Tyraenna says:

    These all make me cringe. I’ve never been a fan of the “cuffs at the bottom of pants” look, like in the last one. And while I love prints, they should not be treated as Voltron and combined with all the other prints – does not turn you into a giant robot, sadly.


  3. What is up with those shoes? The ones in the first picture look like Acorn slippers. Took me a while to figure out that they’re really shoes and matching socks. (I think)

    I sort of like the second one but just the outer dress without whatever that is hanging out from underneath. Kitchen curtains? The dress she wore yesterday and forgot to take off? I’m also sort of drawn to the place mat one.


  4. nishi says:

    The model looks so lost! Poor girl! I really like the fabrics, but they just seem a bit strangely put together… No wonder she looks so sad 😦


  5. It’s a new thing. Amish Couture for the “English”.


    How did these get made?

    Where did they financing come from?

    Doesn’t the designer have any friends or family that care enough to take them aside and bitch slap them until they see sense? Really hard if necessary.


  6. Gosh. Best I can say about this ‘collection’ is that the short dress consists of University of Florida colors…! LOL at the kale special. This looks like a really depressed Little House on the Prairie: no joy, no fun, and no Pa.

    Go Gators.


  7. I really need the fabric that was used for those blue stripey socks. Also the blue plaid.

    I definitely agree with carolinascallin. This poor girl didn’t want to be stuck on the prarie. =/


  8. Kat says:

    I saw the opening pic on Bloglovin and I immediately went to the post because I knew this was going to be a doozie – and it was. Could she look ANY more impressed?


  9. I snort. But actually I think that if worn separately, some of those pieces could be quite cute. Worn separately with a more form-fitting bottom and/or top. But I am secretly a bit of a prairie girl…or maybe not so secretly. 😉


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