Vogue 1390 and a little Top

Remember this winsome debutante?


Its a dress I just love. It’s broilingly hot tho. Seriously. I think I lined it in pot holders while I was distracted by tv. I’ve been on the prowl for another style that  I enjoy as well. I don’t know why this appeals to me so. The ease of styling it? The basicness? No idea. Just love it. But it’s South Carolina and 2 days a year it is cold enough to enjoy. I’ll do it again in a lighter material, but will gaudy lightening strike twice for me? Who can tell. I saw this last month:


Vogue 1390. A perfect canvas for gaudy foolishness. I keep stalking Pattern Review hoping to see others, but no, I guess it’s up to me to, well, to quote Martha Washington, ‘Turn this mutha’ up!’  Shall we? Ok, here’s the details- Loose-fitting, pullover dress has neckline variations, self-lined yokes, bands and sides, no side seams and bias armhole facings. A: optional lining. I lined mine because my front panel was a sheerish voille- from fabricmart. The sides were courtesy of a sojourn to Mary Jo’s.   I have chosen plaid as my new neutral!


This pattern had me a little baffled- the front and back panels fold up to create a self facing, I totally didn’t get it at first . I consulted a very wise Sew-wizard. She advised that I relax and learn a new technique. Of course, I’d already barreled thru and gone totally Sinatra on it (My Way, don’cha know) but now, I have a plan to do a 2nd without sheerness and unlined, so I shall go forth and follow directions. Novel idea, right? I did a hybrid of the instructions, because I needed to line my sheer front panel- the side panel sandwich made that really easy to make a nice inside. I’m not totally sold on this one. So far my fav view of it is this:


I don’t love the side panels so much. As a construction feature, very nifty. In practice, I thought they just sat funny- maybe that was just my body. I wore it to work this week and the shape was so bell-like on me that i immediately came home and tapered it in on the sides. This picture is artfully posed to show how my side panels kind of flutter inwards:


Sadly, this will not be my summertime go to frock- I think it’s more like ‘oh, this doesn’t need ironing….’ It is a proud day when I compare mine to the envelope and have the same flaws as a professionals! Ok, that’s really bad on my part- why did I think that the underarm accordion action and he odd hem waffling wouldn’t happen when I made it? Am I super girl or something? No. I think I just liked the fabric on the envelope. I am shallow, remember? I’m hoping to see some other versions of this pattern- I’d like to be re-inspired by anothers  take on it. Then I will shamelessly and blatantly copy them. As it should be. Photoshoot supervision:


This also fits into my 6 month resolve to only buy fabric that makes something else work. The voille was lonely, it needed a friend. I’m all about selfless uniting of textile lonelyhearts. I am a giver! I also gave myself a little blouse with the scraps- Butterick 5956- with a bonus lacy waist bit. This top is not a huge favorite- gee 2 ‘ehs’ in a row- great post, Anne.  The back has no shape and the front has tucks at the bust. Tucks that I feel should have been darts, or gathers. The tucks make weird lumpage at the bosom. I don’t need that. But it’s ok, I may pull them out and gather it.  Whats your take on bustal lumpage? Ignore it or change it? Who says I can’t embrace tough issues ?


photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

30 thoughts on “Vogue 1390 and a little Top

  1. Bust lumpage has to go…but that floral fabric is just wonderful! You are all set for a lovely tea with red roses on the table. I do like the hem feature on the dress and even the racy lacy treatment on the under-bust of the blouse. Underarm accordion action…it’s there for a reason…air flow…this is just such a fun look…OK more hassle than normal but you did learn a new technique!


  2. I think you made a lovely dress, the fabrics go so well together and to be honest, I really don’t see any flaws, just a pretty dress that looks very good on you!


  3. Martha says:

    I have no idea how to eliminate the bust lumpage. But I will say that I did not notice. At first. I had to be guided. Hence, I think the second look is a total win. As for the first one, well, it’s terrific on you too. I like the fluttery hem. And I am totally in love with the combination of fabrics. I don’t think the folds under the arm are any problem either. I think the paneled dress is just perfect for hot SC summer. And so maybe it will be perfect for hot GA too. Maybe I need to try it.

    Your blog is the best!


  4. While I love your choices of patterns, and style, I was surprised to see the Vogue pattern. The envelope pic is just frumpy imho. BUT, your dress is totally darling, flattering, and breezy looking. It’s a winner!


    • I’m trying to let the pattern speak when it’s their turn and the print speak when it’s their turn- less muddling when the seamlines are interesting on their own…


  5. danvillegirl says:

    I so love this dress! Your top is pretty also. The fabric combination for the dress looks fantastic and I may have to copy this idea!!


  6. I too vote yes for your dress. I’ve looked at this pattern many times. All the model images have their arms up covering their waist line…I just want to see the dress Vogue people! I think you really improved on the pattern and made a great summer dress! I think your pups agree too!


  7. God you make me laugh. I have had such a long and hard day and your post made all my endorphins dance….. Nice dress. Sorry you don’t think it is a go to. Really love the blouse though – can’t see the bustal lumpage. Maybe my old eyes or the long day I have had.


  8. That’s a lovely fabric. I’m definitely going to do some print mixing myself later this month or next.

    I am bothered by anything unusual or wonky in the bustal area, especially lumpage. You’re blouse looks lovely though. I don’t notice anything wrong with it in the picture.


  9. Deb says:

    I think you are too critical. I think it’s a great dress. I actually love this pattern and I am cutting it out today, more conservative fabric choices though!


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