Simplicity 1431- Unblanded!


You just yawned, didn’t you?  I did. It feels like these envelopes get lamer and lamer. Are they trying to show us an absolutely blank palette for us to project our own vision onto? Or are they as bored with their basics as we are? I picked this up because I liked the neckline. I also figured all those seamlines could be fun for contrasting materials. The  tech drawing of the dress screams ‘maiden aunt attending guest book at your wedding’. It should come with a carnation wrist corsage.

I felt it screaming for help- I heard its call! “help me! I’m so stinking beige!” Ok, maybe it was just on sale. Maybe I’m just on a princess seam kick.  I had this fabulous stretch cotton from fabricmart that needed a friend. Ok, it needed some toning down- if I made a whole dress in this I would look like a kaleidoscope vomited on me. There’s your visual for the day. Ready? The husband was very sweet to take these pics downtown for me this evening as the sun was leaving and he was exhausted from taking pics at a charity mud run.



I gave the side panels a waist seam- I feared a circus tent visual if I just did alternating panels! I’m really pleased with this. As usual I left out the back seam and the zipper- curving the back side seams into the waist to shape it a little and used all those wonderful seams  for fit adjustments- the medallion print is a stretch cotton, so it gives a good bit. I love that it was muslin free- I say we rename ‘Princess seams’ to ‘Goddess seams’! They deserve more love and respect.  3 spools of thread died in the seam finishes, but I think I have a new go to summer dress. Here’s a closer look at the sides- with my sweater- crushed sleeve wings- I used a turquoise bias tape doe my sleeve facings and oh, I raised the neckline 1 inch. It was tres colleavagy?!rust4

So what’cha think? Medallions or details of a very ripe petri dish? Hey! I think I see the next Pantone color selection!


OK, I always wanted to do this:

Dress: Me Made

Necklace: Snow white for Disney Couture

Footwear: Converse

(class, right?)


So do you have a pattern wallflower that turned into the belle of the ball for you? I love a pleasant surprise! While writing this I kept thinking about that scene in the Thomas Dolby video where the assistant whips off her glasses, unpins her chignon and she’s suddenly hot! Enjoy:


photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners.

57 thoughts on “Simplicity 1431- Unblanded!

  1. Kat says:

    Fantastic make…love the contrasting fabrics, you really jazzed it up! You know, I almost feel sorry for those models sometimes – trying to fake those smiles as they wear the dowdiest stuff!


  2. Piper Springs says:

    Very cute and fun. I especially like it with the sneaks. If I saw you on the street I would think you look like someone I would want to know. It has a sort of apron thing going on, in a good way.


  3. Darling, did you notice that someone threw a jellyfish at the door above your head?
    Your hair and the sneakers look great with this dress. You did save it from beige hood.
    I saved a basic Lekala blouse with Goddess seams from yawns like, Twice. Check out my reviews!
    Thanks for the Petri dish chuckle.


  4. Love this, those goddess seams are fantastic! I so agree about the pattern envelopes. They should give preview copies to a couple of bloggers (inc. you and me, obviously!) and use their pics.


  5. Brill! Great seam matching at the sides and the contrast panels are ingenious. I too thought the petri dishes were buttons – too much sewing or one track mind?


  6. Lovely dress on you that just shows what can be accomplished with true vision!! It looks perfect with your converse choice too …. And they give great ‘tude to your whole look. What is it with the pattern companies?? Who would make that pattern as is? Astonishing really. Maybe you should write them a letter to demonstrate your before and after! 😉


  7. You took dull and gave it CPR. Successfully. That pattern will be happy to hold its head up again (Although I hear the model wants to join the witness protection program). Well done 🙂


  8. This is lovely Anne! And, it fits you SO much better than the pattern envelope versions. It’s one thing to like neutral fabrics, but why wouldn’t they concentrate on making the outfits fit properly? The solid side panels are very flattering. And, I loke that petri dish photo! I want fabric just like it now.


  9. “kaleidoscope vomited on me” God you make me laugh – Love your dress and that fabric found a great home with you and friend with that blue. Very nice indeed and yes – I love me a princess seam too. Great petri dishes.


  10. Yay for sewing clothes that are way better than the envelope! You look fantastic and are hilarious as per usual. 🙂 Love the “kaleidoscope vomit” print, and in a different colorway, I’d totally rock fabric that looked like your petrie dish pic–does that make me weird?


  11. Like you only the neckline would have made me look twice at that pattern and unlike you, I would have put it back. Now, I have another pattern to take a good hard look at! Beautiful job and I love what you did with the side panels. Looks perfect. Bring on Mickey!


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