Wearable Wednesday Sacai

Hmm….she’s totally putting the tart in tartan


Sometimes a model feels lost and needs her wooby for comfort…


STOP. Yeti time-


Um…interesting. Like a plaid scarecrow


At the show, the first person to correctly count the number of pieces this model was wearing won a gift bag from Curtainworld!


Honey, if I were you, I’d move that safety pin to a more helpful spot……


Sybil became a celebrated model, bravely overcoming  her fears of drowning by subtly wearing a life jacket on the catwalk.


If she spins really fast, she looks like Don Draper molesting an intern…..


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Sacai

  1. The grey one…life vest….maybe bullet proof vest and a swishy paneled skirt to distract the assailant from aiming at her face? The last one was made from all the leftovers at the end of the day. Surely the designer could have used that lovely burnout velvet in a better way? Looks like fringe and yeti fur will be hot items in the fall and horse hoof booties.


  2. I want the yeti get up. I haven’t given the horses a good scare in a long time. Heck I bet it would even turn my Kinder goats into Fainting goats. I need to practice my yeti growling. Lets just hope I don’t attract the local Sasquatch population. Such a territorial bunch.


  3. These weren’t designed. The “designer” took the models to a rummage sale, blindfolded them and made the pick out a minimum of half a dozen pieces each.

    I want some of the orange skirt fabric from the scarecrow outfit.


  4. GAH! That’s all I’ve got. Just too darn stressful to even try to pick through the 50 or so pieces on each model to find one to make a decent comment on.

    Yet another case of $$$ thrown for no apparent reason. Some of those fabrics are beautiful! Why don’t they just cut out the horrid designs and send that stuff right to me? 😉


  5. and i’m thinking where, exactly, would one wear a half tweed suit, half see thru-y skirt, half purple sweater with clunky black boots ensemble? Certainly not fit for cold weather, or warm weather… can’t wear it to the office or out on a date (unless you REALLY want to confuse your date)… maybe it’s for one of those days when you’re feeling particularly “Sybil”ish…


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