It’s Deja vu all over again-

Spring is here, spring is here- life is skittles and life is beer…….I’ve been very busy lately replenishing the wardrobe that grew dull as it sat in the off-season totes. Absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder for all my clothes, sadly. So I’ve whipped up a few new things. It’s another 2-fer! One for work and one for leisure. I finally got around to Mccalls 6333- a racer back top with side panels that you can’t see on my fabric.


I let both of these practically ferment in the to do bin! This one has been discontinued. But look how cute! Also, sunblock alert- this makes me feel practically naked! It’s usually fall before I’m feeling like this much skin is cool- by them I’m back to layering anyhoo! No real huge changes here- tho I changed the pockets. I will avoid a patch pocket at all costs. I didn’t want two of them and I moved it over to slide into the side seam. Can you find the pocket? Probably not. I’ll have to accent it somehow for you-


Look at those limbs! So pale and scratched up by tiny pups.  This photo shows you my dedication- it’s not my best angle, but the racer back with elastic is the high point of this pattern. Whoo! My photo slave should have manned the steamer for me!  I finished all my facings with burgundy bias tape- a hint of color to tease, don’cha know. Speaking of teasing- here’s Helmutt, our newest blog stealing dachshund.


Really I dress for 2 places- work and Disney. This will be perfect for the family trip in fall!


Now whats next? Ah- Vogue 1236. Pattern Review named this one of the best of 2011. See how timely I am? I have a hobble skirt almost done, too. This is similiar enough to sing the Sesame Street song, but I think you’ll see the differences!


Here we are- restyled and ready for take your cheetah to work day! Did you notice the bushes? The other side of the yard has 5 years less growth- I was trying to make an ironic statement about mans fallibility the sun shifted, so we moved. I am still in an anti-sash mode- so I belted her instead. All these bust pleats get mighty poofy, don’t they?


Two years ago I feared pleating- now I’m a chalk wielding pleatin’ beastie. It’s nice to be able to say you’ve improved a bit- ah! Thats it! Thats my shrubbery metaphor! MY growth. Oh, so deep. I’m getting woozy with my own cleverness. Admire the pup some more- he’s cute, but so rotten- he’s chewed so many things we are renaming him ‘What the Helmutt’…..


Ok, get ready for the glare- here I am without my cardy!


Yes, these 2 pieces were not complicated, no new ground was broken- but they are helping me on the road to sensible, useful sewing. Oh, dear God?!


Photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “It’s Deja vu all over again-

  1. I really like both of these! The fabric is so you, too. I’m with you on not liking sashes. To me they always look a little too homemade, in a bad way. I’m sure there’s a way to make them chic, but I don’t know what it is.


  2. I love them both! Both very you, but I could also see them being very ME, if they weren’t OOP. I’m a little mad at you for making stuff I can’t buy patterns for. 😉


  3. Who is that funky cool girl??? WOW…leggings and attitude and Mickey in your pocket…so simple and so effective. now you need a couple more for summer! Good job!


  4. Wow, Anne, you have taken both these patterns to a new level – they look fantastic! I would never have thought the racer-back would make such a cute dress/tunic thingy. And I’ve avoided the pleated-neck shift (even though I own the pattern!) because I’m so wary of my waist. Lovely summer goodies!


  5. nishi says:

    I’m still pretty pasty and I live in permanent summer here in Singapore, so I think it’s a cool look! I love the racer-back top and that dress is very cool (I would live in it here!) Your pleats look so sharp – there is no trace of your fear whatsoever! Also, hurray to the awesome print!


  6. I love both of these (although that pattern envelope styling on the first one leaves a bit to be desired!). I particularly love the dress/tunic, very becoming and the pleats are flattering too, I expected they might add bulk, but they don’t. I agree on the self sash, it never looks right or professional, the belt is much more stylish 🙂


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