Wearable Wednesday Diesel

These are the models your mother begged you not to hang around with-


Oh golly Mrs Phillips- I hate that you drove all this way and we unexpectedly canceled career day- let me just walk you back to your car…..


Thats a lousy place for a door knocker.


What? The online babysitting service gave her a 4 rattle rating!


Ok, gees- I kind of like the jacket. Altho its heck on the upholstery.


I just want to grab the front and pull it to the right-


This what the inside of your car seat covers looks like-


Holy Audrey Hepburn- she’s being fed thru a tube!


and now- the big and unsettling floor show!



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Diesel

  1. Lol. I think I was that one that my mother didn’t want me to hang round with! Thanks as always for making me smile and for your never ceasing inspiration. I’m off to find my old ripped denim jacket to see if I can add some bling! x


  2. My little boy went to nursery with a boy called Diesel. I see his future here.
    And is it me or do they all look like they need a good scrub! Or is that the least of the problems here?
    I feel very, very old and very, very unhip!


  3. sewbussted says:

    I wondered what would happen to Blue Man Group if they continued to wear that blue paint on their faces. There you have it. It will squirt out the top of their heads !!!!!!
    Fun post as always! Happy Wednesday 🙂

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  4. I had to go back and look for the door-knocker. SERIOUSLY? Ah, well, if you take all the pieces away from each other, they’re all very wearable in this “what the *#&! do you mean I’m not appropriately dressed” culture…. 😀


  5. OK, so I had a fright- I read the title of the post as “Wearable Wednesday Dies” and was like “NO PLEASE DON’T STOP DOING IT NO NO NO NO Oh wait, I’m illiterate and overreacting”. Close one!

    You are in fine form this Wednesday, miss! I’ve finally trained myself to put down the coffee when I read these posts rather than misting my keyboard with multiple spit takes.


  6. OMG. The door knocker… the feeding tube… Good thing I did not read this before going to bed… those masked, blue haired “people” would have wreaked havoc in my sleep!


  7. Because of the name, I had high expectations of this collection. Unfortunately it fell a bit flat. I do like some of the fabrics, and that denim jumpsuit thing is actually kind of cool, but I’d never wear it–too inconvenient.


  8. Are we sure the furry jackets are not actually being worn wrong side out? I’m with the rest who describe this scary….models with gruesome tattoos and tortured denim and blue heads! So glad I am old!


  9. Ya got to hand it to this designer…it takes a special talent to make rail-thin models look like they’re carrying extra pounds in unflattering places…and he’s managed to pull this off. Every girl’s dream.

    GAH! Some things I want to ‘un-see’: Boys in pigtails (just NO), grubby, tattooed models and boys in skin tight pants (PUL-LEEZE!)

    And for goodness sake…STOP IT WITH THE DARN SPIKES ALREADY!

    Guess I’ll be cancelling that Diesel order…;)


  10. Anne, shame on you…that’s not a feeding tube! It’s one of those body fluid recycle thingies from planet Dune…must be the latest model.


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