Mccalls 6739- what took me so long?!

I’m really embracing my inner tunic goddess lately. Its seems like everything I want to sew is darted and sheathy. Hey, ‘Darted and Sheathy’ sounds like a good crime duo from the 20’s, don’cha think?
‘All I see are crumbs and a few sequins- looks like the masterful work of Darted and sheathy!’

I’ve been eyeing Mccalls 6739 for a few months now. The husband is trying to get me to embrace sleeveless more. I’m not sure I’m buying it. It’s a lot of upper arm cutlet waving at the townspeople for me. So after much debate and staring at the envelope and the wonderfully petulant model posed on it, I wimped out and chose view D.


I’m glad I did- I like all the seaming and the sleeves are really interestingly placed. This fabric is sort of newish- it’s from 2 Mary Jo’s trips ago- an upholstery remnant that was bagged as an end cut- I was thinking fun skirt, but I did this instead- thinking I’d look a little Lily Pulitzer-esque. I got brave again and cut out view C. No sleeves. I should have used a waffle weave- cuz I sure did waffle on this one. Sleeves, no sleeves, sleeves, no sleeves. I was very close to using a scientific method and pulling daisy petals off until the right decision was made. SLEEVES!!!! Yes, I did sleeves.


Arrgh- I must beat the photo-slave. I have on fabulous canvas loafers with a spirling lime green motif- how could he miss that? I swear- volunteers…so hard to punish.  I wish the envelope had more photos of the different  views and I wish that I could have seen the sleeves better- the pattern had them about 4 inches longer than I cut out. I wanted a dainty caplet. Ok, honestly, I ran out of fabric by the time I’d decimated the local daisy population. So I cut the sleeves very short- as a design choice! Not because I was so close to not having enough fabric that the selvage was about to become a decorative motif! No, never.

The sleeves being shorter added an unexpected issue- you stitch the sleeve about halfway up, then spread it open horizontally to meet the horizontal underside of the armscye. I love how this looks, but being that I cut my sleeves very short, it didn’t leave much to hem. I ended up putting in a bias tape edge to finish it. I’m pleased with this length hemmed, I think I may make this again and plan it this way!

Once more I bring you the local color of our fair hamlet- this would be the backside of our local rent by the half hour motel that is nestled in the heart of our downtown. It is right next to a lovely hotel turned gentrified condos- I’m sure they appreciate the view from their balconies!

Extreme closeup: IMG_8339
My only other changes were to the shape- it’s quite a bell. I took a good bit out of the side panels and then I top-stitched them. I’m proud of my neckline- crazy, right? It’s just squared off, but I have been angling my upper bodice pattern pieces to narrow it in and stop that gappy business I used to have so often.


Ahem- big haired model of envelope fame- maybe you should try this- just saying, no meanness involved. You are looking  a little gappy!
Oh, the trend continues- the front panels end just at the marsupial zone and guess what kiddies- the inset pockets are right there! I’m working with a team of scientists to find a connection between marsupial pockets, cell phones and paunch cancer. I do this work for you all- no thanks needed. I have a calling. So I skipped the pockets- with the sides being panels, it just didn’t have a location I was happy with for alternate placement.


After an initial wear, I think I could take this in a bit more to be a bit more of a column. This is all part of my secret plan to eventually look like I shop with Judy Dench.
So on the whole I’m really liking this- yes, it’s boxy, but it’s also comfortable, cool to wear and the panels give a lot of ideas for print mixing next time. I do wish I’d had 1 more yard- to match my print- but I can live with this- tho I feel like I need to apologize for it looking so poorly planned.  Envelope pose recreation:


photo credits: pattern review, google mages, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

74 thoughts on “Mccalls 6739- what took me so long?!

  1. Well well Willow….how cute are you? Extra points for making the neckline and sleeves so perfect and skipping the front pouch section. Your shoes are darling too. Don’t all good towns have such a great backdrop for photo shoots? I know we do in our town and it has the bonus of an occasional blue and white police car parked behind searching for drug dealers…added bonus of color and action. Now you need a couple more of these versatile dress for summer…get back into your stash and have a ball!


  2. Ann, just fabulous! Love the fabric, and love the style on you. Although I’m with hubby. Embrace sleeveless, sister. You’re beautiful, and that style dress, though really cute with the cap sleeves, would be so fun sleeveless. Go for it! Make a bunch!


  3. Great decision – leaving out the pockets. You’re version has a great bunch of seaming to go with the print – amazing print by the way.
    That close up is the best techo shot I’ve seen in quiet some time. Thanks for sharing…


  4. Piper Springs says:

    Oh, you are a hoot! This pattern is super flattering on you. Embrace your arms, (okay, probably not literally;) willows bend and snap, oak trees are strong, healthy, beautiful.


  5. After teasing me with “almost-shoes” photos, FINALLY get to see them in the last pic! hehe.

    Love the fabric you used and the interesting seamlines. I agree with you – the sleeves are a nice length as you finished them. Cute and comfy summer style!


  6. I don’t think it looks boxy at all. The seaming gives it some nice shape. It looks fab on you. I love myself a tunic too and was just flicking through my stash looking for one just like yours to sew – I think I’ll be stalking this pattern. Love your choice of fabric too. In the close up it looks lineney (if that is a word). Very nice and fresh.


  7. It’s awesome! I don’t think you need to change the shape at all. Yes it’s darted and sheathy 😉 but it’s not shapeless. I think it’s flattering. Love the neckline.


  8. sewbussted says:

    Finally, the last shot, I got to see your shoes. Would have been a pity to miss them 🙂
    A great piece for summer and I love the fabric.


  9. I am so loving this new side of you! Fabulous!

    Love the action shot, nearly destroyed me, I wanted a milkshake so bad I almost went to MacDonalds, yes, I have a 24-hour Mac near me…but no Sonics anywhere within 200 miles. Phooey.

    Back to you…love the dress. It really does look great. Keep them coming!

    I used to shop Mary Jo’s when I was a teen in Charlotte…what a store!


  10. T says:

    That is fabulous …. No-one can rock a tunic like you madam! I love the print and the colours looks great on you. Just FYI, I think we must have got a dodgy batch of photo slaves, when I direct mine to take photos of my shoes and accessories he gives such a blank look …..


    • So hard to find good help! After a mile of instructions regarding my chins, upper arm fat, is my butt doing that thing? Am I in focus? I guess he missed the shoes!


  11. Nancy Sartanowicz says:

    Love the dress! Love your zany sense of humor! Reminds me of the woman on Jonathan Creek DVD (Netflix, next order) if she happens to sew. Same feisty, wonderful outlook on life. I’m getting this pattern…


  12. Love your action shot. (Apple almost made that ‘sh*t instead if ‘shot) I love tunics, yours look awesome and really push my desire for more! You look great! No more darts! And they’re perfect for summer. I like the a-line of this one.


  13. redsilvia says:

    Adore this! You have chosen my fave color combo, so please make more. You look great and sleeveless would be fab. Listen to that man.


  14. Virtual high five!!!!! This is FAB! I love this color on you! And the style is so, so cool! I’ve never seen a sleeve that sets in like that before. Also, the length of the sleeves is perfect! And kudos to you for avoiding the dreaded square-neckline-gaposis scene!


  15. You are hysterical! I love your photo comments. I do this too! Before, during, and after photos. Sometimes, I’m the only one who gets the jokes. Ha! Love the tunic and the bravery to wear white leggings. I fully expect to see you in this glamour at all the shishi places you know. 😉


  16. Love this! As it gets warmer, I’m also planning to make up some tunics to be worn with leggings. I love short dresses for summer, but they aren’t always practical for the winds we have in new mexico! I love your fabric 🙂


  17. kaz says:

    hiya… just saw this very entertaining post during a search for this pattern…. looks great! Can you tell me if you think that making the sleeves longer than the original length would work with this pattern? (ie. say either elbow or 3/4 length). cheers 🙂


  18. Just bought this pattern Anne – and was even clever enough to remember to google it before making. And look who I found right up top of the list – gorgeous you in gorgeous yours! So looking forward to making this now, it’s just jumped way up my sewing list!


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