Wearable Wednesday Hunter Original

Ok, this is a little different- it’s the classic outdoor boot company’s first runway show. I wonder what Rhianna wore to watch this one…….Lets see if they followed all the runway protocol:

Prominent angry cheekbones: check!


strangely crotched pants that flatter no one: check!


Poofy coat of immense proportion: check!


Classic basic with one ungainly twist: check!


Hostile elfin model boy that may actually be a girl: check!


Green and black penguin sweater you will regret buying/not buying until you see pics of Lindsay Lohan leaving a seedy hotel while wearing it


Trench you really kinda want: check!


photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Hunter Original

  1. Oooo…what are they walking through? Wonder how they did that?! I love Hunter boots…maybe they should just stick to that.

    Failing that, please go back to your traditional roots, Hunter people!



  2. If the models are walking through dank water, what is the audience sitting in? Are they all wearing rain boots? Maybe the green raincoat with the sail sleeve is for waving down passer-bys when you have a flat tire or other emergency? The green Lindsay Lohan sweater makes the model’s head look like it is just floating in mid-air..creepy…don’t you just wish you could hear the music during the show?


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