Burda 7078 and I a swirling, whirling summer frock


This last week has been a torture- I don’t know why- just maybe the prospect of 3 days off was making it feel like a 14 day week. But anyhoo- I was rarin’ to hit the sewingroom and stashbust and frolic and watch bad tv. Yes, much bad tv.  I girded my gaudy loins and dove into the Textile Hoarders Annex and pulled out a swirly, sheeny challis of awesomeness from Fabricmart. I set it up on a blind date with Burda 7078 and I think they got on very well! 7078

Perhaps no one was drawn to this pattern because of its slightly eclesiastical priestess vibe. By the way- ring my doorbell and we’ll greet you like this:


But when I saw the cover I instantly thought of Coco her cool elegant lifestyle in the tropical loft. – I’m trying to get some summer Mickeywear going. My print is so swirly and fun it needed a pattern that didn’t break it up too much- I liked my Luckycat bias bit so much I tried it again to highlight the bodices fun lines.


This dress went together so easily it was the best way to start a weekend of textile frolicing! I wore it to the Indian buffet and it also hides curry spills well. I’m thinking that after it’s first outing that the shoulders may be too wide on me and I should skinny them in a bit. Don’t worry- I was able to reach the paneer without any issues, but I’m getting a little ripple on either side- I think 1 more adjustment should do it.


I liked it a bit loose and flowy- I like a summer hovercraft you know! I skipped the side zip- the waist is high enough that I didn’t need it. Oh- for the record- I have a dress almost finished that ACTUALLY HAS A ZIPPER!!!  Yes, friends, I can put in a zipper- but like changing my own oil, I choose not to.

Ok, quick test! Which picture is me and which is a frozen dessert treat:





ice cream

Ok, thats it- Mr B and I are going for ice cream!


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of the original owners.

43 thoughts on “Burda 7078 and I a swirling, whirling summer frock

  1. becki-c says:

    Yours looks so much better than the pattern envelop! Your fabric choices really make what looks like amen pattern rock. I would have totally passed on this pattern but you make it fabulous!
    Side zippers are a good thing.


  2. It is only 8:00am over here and now I am wanting a swirly ice cream. Love your dress. That fabric is gorgeous and so 60’s. Love it. I agree with Becki. Yours is so much better than the envelope.


  3. marysews says:

    Oh, methinks you were trying to hide on the wrong side of the dunkin’ donuts sign. Still, a very cute, casual, and comfortable-looking dress!


  4. Ice cream…did I hear ice cream…and swirls…OMG…stop teasing us! The dress is darling and as you say will hides drips from the curry buffet! The envelope was so sane…and you have made it a little funky and interesting. Who needs zippers anyway?


      • It is hard to tell what is happening at the shoulder…do the pieces all match up on paper? The front shoulder with the piping is pulling so you could add 1/2 inch to that seam alone, allow the front to drop and that may relax the back seam. Can I see a shot of just that area from the back? When you make it again make sure the seam allowance are exactly the same length as piping can take away the length once it is in the seam…it becomes a bully.


  5. That’s a cute pattern! I haven’t sorted out the whole Burda/BurdaStyle thing…looks like some are available only by order from foreign lands, while others can be picked up at JoAnns…it’s a pattern mystery! (Doesn’t take much for me).

    This is a perfect dress for Southern summers! You’re going to enjoy it 🙂


  6. Love how you match the sign, so funny! It’s an awfully cute dress on you, and nice that you could skip the zip. If there must be one, I do love the side zip. So handy, especially if you’re not a contortionist 🙂


  7. Do I see arms? And shoulders? Love this look on you. The bias tape makes it even better and it was already quite yummy! Super cute dress, glad you could see more then what the envelope was showing.


  8. Great dress! and genius piping. Gracias for the compliment 🙂 Hope you do more of these, fits you really well. And I want to see more of that FabricMart stash…they are killing me this summer, ruined my plans not to buy fabric…


  9. Love it….I may just have to buy my first Burda and get going on this one. and yes, the high priestess vibe was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pattern envelope. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction!


  10. Who the F changes their own oil?! Blech! I fully support skipping zippers and paying the men in jumpsuits to deal with your car! This looks like a great summer dress, dude! I can see you making it lots of times!


  11. mackendoodle2@roadrunner.com says:

    Love your bright colors and your personal flare! We should all be so free spirited. Bless you for your delightful outlook on everything.


  12. Very impressed at how much better you’ve made this look than the pattern front versions. Love that fabric. Love that feature pic of you in front of NUTS. Made me smile. I love your use of patterns. Very inspiring.


  13. Awesomeness! I love the swirly fabric and that pattern is perfect for it. The pattern companies should hire you to make clothes for their envelope photos. Yours always look so much better.


  14. redsilvia says:

    Love that on you! It looks so well with the giant Dunkin sign.

    P.s. I hope you photoshopped the softserve colors – that is so wrong if real!


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