Wearable Wednesday Alice and Olivia

Wow. She literally has the matching handbag.


I’ve never met Alice and Olivia, but I assumed they were older until now….


Hmm. I think thats Venice. I also think if it were a hair shorter, we’d be seeing her canals.




Oh Mrs Martin- no one is going to tease Amanda- they won’t even know she’s wearing a state of he art back brace.


Well! I’m glad she kept her neck covered! I really do like this one.


They said buy a suit for your interview, but Wanda really needed more direction.


photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alice and Olivia

  1. Flash back to the 60’s…daisies and pop-art and hip belts but I do love that black dress with the neck scarf and the red purse! We all wore pants suits covered in floral prints. That blue leather dress might reveal the model’s underpants once she sits down and the weird front shaping is distracting but the matching purse…lovely!


  2. My youth, 1968 at F.I.T. When Bryant Park was not yet so glamorous. I had daisies, and pop art and floral pants suits. This is so normal looking, even the models. But I love them all!
    Always love your commentary.


  3. Marsha says:

    Instructive as always. I see that I’ve been doing it wrong–I’ve been exposing my neck and covering my boobs. (headslap)


  4. Maybe I’m crazy but I like them all. As usual, most of the dresses need to be at least 12 inches longer for me. (Not that I’m that much of a prude; I just have leg issues. Glaring, white, and increasingly blue-veined, leg issues.)


  5. Leigh Ann says:

    I like them too, except for the giant daisy print, which scares me. And the blue one confuses me a bit–is it cut weird at the shoulders, or is that just the way she is standing? Whatever, they’re mostly pretty cute.


  6. Piper Springs says:

    You crack me up, as always. Has anyone seen any Venice material? I am loving that skirt. I will need more than the quarter yard the model is wearing, of course….


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