Skirts- 2 Hits and a Miss!

Ever summer I pompously declare it the ‘SUMMER OF SKIRTS!’  I picture myself (you know I do that alot- like a shallow Wanda Mitty, am I) in a wheat field slowly meandering along, the wind whipping my long flowing hair and my very flattering long skirt. I don’t know where this wheat field is. It’s not in town- there is a really long aisle in the plant section at the Home Depot. Maybe I can improvise. Anyhoo- i never seem to get to these lovely ideas. So I’ve been collecting skirt patterns and last week I made 3! The stashbusting fervor has hit me too. Just simple, summery skirts- you know I like it plain.


I loved making Simplicity 1662 so much- it went together zip, zip- I chose View B in a strange gauzy business from I didn’t change a thing.


Somehow in my urge to get a nice shot of the front crossover, I didn’t get any full-on shots. Enjoy my lower areas and special dachshund pin!


This fabric is very sheer- I’ve been wearing it with some footless tights, but it was as hot as stink outside today. Are those gams translucent or what?!


You know I like to strike people when the iron is hot……or something like that….so I made Simplicity 1812- View B. A very hypnotic print from Mary Jo’s in Gastonia. Psst- I have a tunicy business coming up soon with a red stripy contrast fabric- take your antacid before reading that post! No changes- this pattern earns no tutorial- just a hug from me. The models shoes look almost orthopaedic, don’t they?


I’m so one with nature- don’t I look like this is my native terrain? Its actually behind our recycling center!


With such loveliness flowing from the Vault of Textile Hoarding, do I go for 3? Do I risk it? Yes, I do. With less than adorable results. Enter Burda 7002- the Candy striped Pirate Wench.


So doesn’t View B look like it maybe even comes with its own wheat field? I was not seduced by a tiny waify model- I chose a plus pattern- I chose a lightweight fabric- I followed the rules. Lets talk about this fabric. It isn’t me. It’s oxford cloth. I bought this thinking I could use it as a neutral and just never warmed to it. I made a Vogue top with the rest and it looks like grandpa’s jammies- it will never see the light of day. Moral of the story may be that you can’t change a gaudy leopards spots. Whoo- you know you can’t spell ‘flattering’ without ‘F, A and T! rec3

But I  digress- lets look at a big girl in a balloon valance, shall we? I can’t decide what that waist business wants from me. Folded, unfolded, hiked up like a swimsuit cover, it’s just not so cool. Like I need more midsection attention? What can we do to save this? Does my housekeeper need new wash rags?   No, it’s too soon for that. How about if I just release the side business and hem it to my wheat field walking length? I’d appreciate any comments on saving this tormented textile. Here’s my 1890’s  girl workout wear shot- a perfect outfit for subtle, modest calisthenics! Stretch with dignity, girls! Always end on a flattering shot, right?


photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

77 thoughts on “Skirts- 2 Hits and a Miss!

  1. Angela Leone says:

    I actually like the Burda skirt on you! I think it is fun and quirky. I’m so jealous of all of the skirt sewing that you have completed. They all look beautiful.


  2. As soon as you started saying “1890 ‘s calisthenics”. My head followed up with “one grecian urn”…except you’d need some kind of outrageous hat if you wanted to play the mayor’s wife. I think you should let the side loose on that last one and hem it off long. I like the stripes, but they don’t seem to be amenable to being draped. The other skirts are perfect.


  3. Love the first two but the last one…find a skinny girl and let her wear it as a tube top with attached skirt. Have to be brutal…it is not you! Even if you changed the rumpled gathered wide waistband into something just folded under and flatter, the lower fabric is shouting Grandpa. The lower fabric would also be a nice donation to your local American Sewing guild where they make bibs for nursing homes…sturdy and indestructible oxford cloth…perfect.


  4. ParisGrrl says:

    I think the third one is worth saving…try hiking the waistband up to the smallest part of your waist, and ruche both lower sides of the skirt so there’s more happening there.


  5. Loving those first 2 skirts – so much so that I want to break my skirt patterns out from under lock and key (the last skirt I made didn’t suit me at all. Didn’t blog about it as it didn’t even have a top I could wear with it and the remote tribal look doesn’t suit me at all!!).

    About the 3rd skirt. Hmm – you know – that fabric just doesn’t suit a skirt at all but you know I think it would look great as strides – maybe some funky capris a la B5614 or some in trend patterned long pants as per Katherine Tiltons B6028. I think the stripes are definitely channelling pants not a skirt.

    What do you think?


  6. Gail says:

    I agree with BeeJay. I think the striped fabric belongs in a narrow leg capri. Love the first 2 skirts. You wear them well.


  7. Ah, yes sunday in the south… There is one Bi-Lo near us that sells booze on Sunday and you should see it. It is a packed out madhouse! I absolutely love the first wrapped skirt. That is some seriously cool fabric. And they psychedelic fabric in skirt number two is pretty cool, too. There is something about the last skirt that I really like. I think you need to fiddle with it. Don’t give up on it. I definitely like the waistband folded over, but I do have a hard time wearing those yoga type waistbands, too. Sometimes I feel like they are too tall.


  8. I really love the first two skirts! That simplicity pattern is just awesome. You should make more of that one. Sorry about the wadder…they can be so trying!


  9. I agree, two hits! and colorful always looks good to me so I am on board.
    As for the sign, I have been pondering it. No alcohol in the parking lot? the implication being…? wait til you get in your car to consume? Ok over by the swing set ? now I must know 🙂


  10. Wow…look at you! Someone’s been productive 🙂 Love the easy, floaty skirts – perfect for our hot summers in the South! I like the first two skirts…but that Burda…! First, you’re brave for tackling that pattern – it’s not one I’d ever pick out to sew (timidity rules in my sewing room for now!). Not sure what it’s trying to be. I’ll bet if you made it out of a knit, it could double as a strapless dress…! I don’t know…just a lot going on there. Don’t know what to tell you to do with it. Maybe take it apart and use one of the first two patterns? Tote bag? Pillowcases? Pillows? Jammie bottoms? Cute paisley, btw…and love that pin 🙂

    Right now my hands hurt, I’m up late, and that fabric would make a great cover for my heating pad! Hope your week is terrific – can’t wait to see what this ends up as 🙂


  11. Doesn’t the third one remind you of an ice cream Sundae, with raspberry ripple and grape tutti? Maybe just lop a foot of the bottom? Isn’t it nice to sew when the weather is so good that you can get straight out into the parking lot and photograph it?


  12. T says:

    Hey, how come I’ve never seen you in that wheat field?! I spend much time wafting about there. Anyway, love your first two print skirts, perfect for the print crazed girl about town. Not in love with the pink stripe skirt – only because I think the fabric is a bit “meh” compared to your usual colour pop fabulousness.


  13. Tyraenna says:

    Love your pattern and fabric choices on the first two – hi-low and angled skirts are the bees knees to me 🙂 And though I do love me some pirates, I agree with you about the third, not sure what to do with it. Maybe I would give it to my dogs as a dog blanket? If you insist on saving it, maybe tack up a few more pieces and make it a little more bunchy? Way to be super productive!


  14. The first two skirts are fabulous!! But the third one…well, I think getting rid of the weird poofy part will go a long way. And I’m not sure what to think about the waistband, maybe you can figure out how best to cut it down to a more reasonable height?

    And go you, Little Miss Stashbuster! I’m excited to see more stashbusting, if for no other reason than to see what else you’ve got in the closet of textile hoarding. Yeah, I’m kinda nosey like that. 😉


  15. mepellymelly says:

    Brilliant! Lovely fabrics too, I think you’re right, the last one would be just fine with the sides let down to wheat field walking length 😉


  16. Its good to get some stash busting going, very cathartic with the added benefit of freeing up some space for more, win win!

    I’m with you on this, lovin skirts 1 and 2 both look great on you and who doesn’t love a dipped hem and lovely fabric choices. Number three could be fashioned into another number 1? Looks like there is plenty of fabric there, so all is not lost.

    How nice of the townsfolk to let you divert the traffic to allow for your photoshoot.


  17. danvillegirl says:

    I like 2 out of 3. The Burda skirt is interesting, the other two are truly more flattering. Love the post, gave me an early morning laugh!!


  18. Love the first two and you are right, the third would enjoy life as a pair of fun capri’s I’m sure. You know, I don’t know about anyone else, but lately when I scroll down to read your blog, a lot of the wonderful witty text gets lost in the flower and vine header. Did you change the way your blog works a few weeks ago?


  19. Wooo! Girl. You are on a roll. Love the skirts. Even the last one is not bad. It just looks like it has a bad case of static cling. If you, like you said, just release the side business and hem it to your preferred length I think it will be lovely.


  20. You know what I love about skirts? I love that I can wear any print or colour I want because it’s not smacked up against my very finicky face – ha! And I can pretend that I’m very fashionable and brave, like you 🙂 In the spirit of loving a bold skirt, I daresay I would totally steal your middle skirt there except it would be a crime because it looks so dashing on you 🙂 As does the first one. I’m not hating the third, but it just isn’t YOU for some reason…. too long? too modest? I think it needs the ‘fun’ factor bumped up somehow 🙂


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