Wearable Wednesday Issa

Mother finally found a way to stop Prudence wiping her nose on her sleeve.


Thats it, Fiona! You can’t just accuse me of stealing your damn shower curtain without any proof! You are so the roommate from hell!


What do you mean I’m not wearing it right?


This makes me think of bacteria…


Ok! I like this one- fashion illusion at work- the bigger the rickrack the smaller the model looks.


No, seriously- it looks better like this- I think it’s inside out.



photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Issa

  1. You know the old warning, “if all one sees is the dress and not you, you are wearing the wrong dress”….well this certainly fits the bill. This designer is going for feminine, curvy lines even in the front blouse placket but throwing in bacterial motifs and ill fitting badly made coral pants just falls short. Shower curtain girl looks lost and cold…maybe she needs some flowers on her wrists or hair?


  2. Don’t be silly, the reason the flowers have grown are BECAUSE Prudence was still wiping her nose on her cuffs. Oh hang on…it’s ear wax that provides a moist warm growing spot isn’t it….ok, carry on as you were….


  3. I’m a tough audience, but I lost my espresso with the “wearing it wrong” comment. That’ll keep me snickering all day! Thanks, Anne, for a laugh this morning. 😀


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