Where the Annes Are………Butterick 5782

Sundresses. They make me think of old Yvette Mimiuex movies. When I was younger, I watched ‘Where the Boys are’ with my Father and it started a love of early 60’s movies, music and big skirted girly dresses worn with cardigans over the shoulders.
My beach summers were early evenings down the shore in a flirty summer dress. I’m not a swimwear gal- my beachtime is on a boardwalk with my pumps dangling from a pinky.


When I saw Heather hosting a summer dress event I immediately burst into song- a Connie Francis song-

Where the boys are, someone waits for me A smilin’ face, a warm embrace, two arms to hold me tenderly Where the boys are, my true love will be He’s walkin’ down some street in town and I know he’s lookin’ there for me

In the crowd of a million people I’ll find my valentine And then I’ll climb to the highest steeple and tell the world he’s mine

Till he holds me I wait impatiently Where the boys are, where the boys are Where the boys are, someone waits for me

Till he holds me I wait impatiently Where the boys are, where the boys are Where the boys are, someone waits for me

Ok, thanks for waiting while I lapsed into my personal reverie! If you haven’t seen the movie- you really must- it has it all. Paula Prentiss and Jim Hutton wooing eachother, Frank Gorshan pre-Riddler in a jazz combo. George Hamilton at his earliest level of bronzing. Oh, it’s a classic!

Oh, do you want a review of this pattern? Mmm, ok. I can do that too. But I insist on interspersing some “where the Boys are’ quotes into it for your edification and my amusement. Its Butterick 5782 and I had every intention of following this pattern and making a lovely fully-lined sundress but that bow.Floppy-ish, right? like it didn’t sit well and got rigged last minute during the shoot. This model is creating some fit issues, isn’t she? Stand up straight, Missy, Dolores Hart would!


But then I decided that I didn’t like that business at the v-neck, and that bow- still not warmed to it! It wasn’t fitting my Connie Francis imagery. So I made my own bow and scrapped that business. Other than that- I was most happy to follow these directions and all went well. I have pockets and a lovely shaped skirt that longs for a crinoline and a kitten heel. It did need a little pop- so my Mothers mouse pin saved the day.

Now, for you who are adjusting your monitors at home- this is not a solid color. I repeat, do not adjust your lighting- it is a green with black and pink specks giving it a very soft woven look. I’m still not able to cross over to solid colors, but this is very close. As close as I need to get!


‘Gentlemen, the city of Fort Lauderdale is once again under fire from the north. We’ve survived it before and I reckon we’re gonna survive it again. To you newly installed officers on the force, I’d to give you a little rundown on what to expect. Expect anything. Anything and everything cause that’s what you’re gonna get. Now, Fort Lauderdale is not the only city to be invaded at this time. In Palm Springs and in Newport, from the beaches of the Mid Atlantic to the snows of Colorado, the students of America are gathering to celebrate the rites of spring. And, if you pardon a pun, you’ve got that right. They’re our future voters, their citizens of our country, and they’re our responsibility. But how the hell to handle them, that’s a different manner. (laughter from officers) Now these kids didn’t come down here to break the law. They’ll break it for sure, but that’s not their main objective. And remember that they are our guests. So, I want every man on the force to try his best, his level best, to try to avoid arresting anyone. I know that this going to take great will power but try. And, above all preserve your scene of humor. Cause you’re gonna need it if you want to survive. And…God bless you all.’ water1

‘Experience! That’s what separates the girls from the Girl Scouts.’


‘Oh, I’ve seen the seamy side of life, my little one. It hasn’t all been beer and roses by a long shot’


‘What can be more interpersonal than Backseat Bingo?’


‘So how about I give you a bang on the pipes and we lift a few cans together?’


photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, TCM, google images, youtube. all images remain the property of their original owners.



64 thoughts on “Where the Annes Are………Butterick 5782

  1. Love the bow…the one on the model looks like it was a spatula cover! The green is really nice with your coloring and don’t we all wish we could walk along a watery wall with our shoes off…stop teasing us!


  2. Love the dress the way you made it, but I love the pattern as it is designed as well and thanks for the the trip down Memory Lane, Connie Francis was my contemporary. The Age of Innocence and Beach Party movies was about to end with the British Invasion,and Vietnam Nam war, we all floated away on a cloud of incense , hookah in hand.
    It was truly the loss of innocence.for Connie, she was raped in her hotel room, and never performed again.
    She had a wonderful voice


  3. Anne – you look so sophisticated in you Southern Belle dress. Very pretty. Love the dress and the fabric is perfect for it Wonderful with your colouring. Love it.


  4. Oh, I like this! and adore the movie. My daughter and I used to watch it all the time, I still do! Just saw it about 2 weeks ago. The fit and flare is a great look for you!


  5. I love your bow it’s perfect. The one on the model just looks weird and wrong. And it’s a great dress. I might have to get that pattern. (you enabler, you)

    I did see Where the Boys Are more years ago that I want to admit to having been alive. I don’t remember many details about it but some of your quotes were immediately familiar.


  6. This looks wonderful on you…even if it is a solid! Thanks for the great movie quotes, too…I recognized one of my favorites from “Palm Springs Weekend”. Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue..those were the days.


  7. T says:

    This looks great – such lovely lines and the bow takes it straight to “adorable” yet totally chic. You look like you should be tiptoeing along the riverbank in Paris while accordian music wafts in the breeze behind you. I may have to be a big copier!


  8. springystitches says:

    Great post and gorgeous dress! Connie Francis is one of my faves too. I was definitely born in the wrong decade! Thanks for sharing 😀


  9. Gorgeous dress. You’re not going to want to hear this, but solids look good on you! 🙂 And I’m totally stealing your playing in a water fountain photo idea.

    You know, I think that speech by the police officer should be played more often, particularly that part about how they don’t intend to break the law, but they’re going to, so go easy on them. Might avoid some of the issues we’ve been having lately.


  10. This might be my favorite dress of yours! Love the shape, love the color(s) [you claim there are more than one color in there, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but…=p], the bow + pin is FABULOUS. Gah, I need this so much. I’m going to be trying to recreate this for myself, now, haha ❤


  11. That’s an excellent dress shape and remarkable workmanship too without drama (?), especially your unique bow! Now, could I possible suggest ‘plainer’ fabrics for future makes? – Just seeing as this one is soooo good


  12. Shar says:

    The style and color of this dress are perfect on you! I love all of it including your take on the bow, the head scarf, the shoes (although I did get worried about the shoes being so close to the water).


  13. Love this dress! That green is to die for and the whole thing is so, so much prettier than the modeled version. Also… Where The Boys Are is one of my favorites. The sexual mores are so hilariously retro (and enjoyable to rant about afterwards… as I usually do), the clothes are amazing, and George Hamilton is both snarky *and* surprisingly hot/tan. Love it and this post!


    • Thanks! I remember being quite scandalized at 13 over poor Yvette and how blatant TVs attempts to seduce were. So different from my adult/jaded perspective now….


  14. springystitches says:

    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award as I love your posts! Have a look on my blog to find out more. Congratulations!


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