Wearable Wednesday Eudon Choi


Look at them. Suffering. Have you laid awake nights, worrying about professional models and the horrors they endure at the hands of demented professional designers? Yes, me too. I feel their shame.


Do their families know where they are and how they make their living? Do they fear they will be abandoned if what they do is made known to their parents?


It’s not their fault. Lets band together and lure them into Diet Coke baited model traps and liberate them somewhere safe.


Now for the low-cost of $5 a month, you can sponsor a former model and give them a better life. This includes a full meal and a comfortable Hanes sweat suit in an adult size. Also a voucher for a much-needed assessment by a licensed podiatrist.


With a simple tax deductible donation, you can bring hope to the eyes of a runway model- show them you care- show them lined fabrics and a better life!


No one should have to live this way. It’s just wrong.


photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Eudon Choi

  1. They look so lifelike, not at all like the robots they have become. Do those shoes remind you of the ancient art of foot binding in a creepy sort of way?


  2. Hahaha. We need to make a TV commercial, with appropriate heart wrenching background.

    I want the raincloud sweater. Also the skirt in the third pic, with a proper lining of course.


  3. Tyraenna says:

    You crack me up! Also, these outfits are all quite random hehe. Kinda tickled by the rain cloud sweat shirt – like a My Little Pony wannabe!


  4. sewbussted says:

    You always manage to entertain with your commentary 😉 I actually like a few of the pieces. The coat is especially nice.


  5. For that model fund, is there a specific level of donation where they will send me that first pink satin jacket? I’d take the bows off the sleeves and wear it everywhere and with everything. The rest of the collection seems like the kind of stuff where you might be motivated to pay to avoid having it sent to you.


  6. All very Capitol Hunger Games – right down – or up, to the expression on the model’s face! She reminds me of a prettier version of Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange,- could be lack of sleep on my part! The two piece trouser suit looks good, tho I suspect there is some madness going on at the front! I won’t be sponsoring. I already sponsor a Guide Dog for the Blind, he is very useful, beautiful and looks fabulous in fur.


  7. poor girl, and she thought she had escaped high waders after high school. The first one is a travesty…makes her feet look bigger than her head.

    so is it just me? look at the yellow with green bra and oranges under pants and the penultimate one with 2-tone blue with yellow collar. is one knee cap lower than the other?


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