I am so far behind I can mock my own panty lines!

While tooling about on Pattern Review I just realized I have 5 makes that I haven’t posted. 5! That’s one less than a Brady Bunch but more than Abba! It’s unbelievable! Ok, let me gather my pups and get my lip rouge on.
First up:

Butterick 5999- it’s a Connie Crawford and I swear, I’ve made so many things with this model on the envelope- I feel she is looking directly at me- ‘Hey tacky- this ones for you!’ I must share that we blew the location shoot budget this week on penny candy and fireworks. The Mr was cleaning the garage- ok, re-ordering his crap, actually, so I snuck in some gorgeous garage location shots- ala Thelma Todd! Look it up kiddies!
In the summer I am all about some Capri pants, ballet flats and a swingy top. This print was earmarked to be a flowing skirt, but I got to thinking about that wide pleat on the bodice front and how fun this tropical floral would look peeking out- like a kids picture book with 3D images. Look it’s a Mona Loa! No it’s just Anne in her usual foolishness!

One thing- I hate the sleeve length- they are just too long to be short sleeves, but too short to be below the elbow. So I was rolling them up to see where I liked them and actually ended up liking them with a rolled cuff. Note to self! Re-hem with a cuff! Here’s a little detail of my dragonfly fun on the placket- you know I can’t leave a thing alone?! Dog hair- I swear- I have a Velcro bosom?!


Simplicity 1363- someone needs to talk to these Big4 companies that woo me with patterns on display that don’t have the actual catalog numbers. I know you are trying to track the impulse buying sheep that I graze with (Bahhhh, BAHHHHHH!) but give me a break- those numbers are never corresponding to the Pattern Review info. Also- way to be subtle. Simplicity is 1363, my copy says P0163
But I forgive, because we fat people are jolly forgiving souls. But like elephants, we never forget!!!
Anyhoo, I totally got side tracked up here on my paisley velvet upholstered soap box. I’m loving this top. It’s swishy, but not tenty. I like to swish, but I don’t like tent. I did view D with a micro gingham contrast material partnering a Valerie Wells lawn- both from Mary Jo’s in Gastonia. Last trip up there I brought my swatch book and swore I would buy nothing that didn’t partner an already adopted fabric. So it was stash busting preemptively, I suppose. The shovel was an attempt at an action shot and a shout out to Eddie Albert, of course.


I had to show off my creamy elbow skin the side detail- it’s what drew me to the pattern. That lawn had not seen the light in almost a year and now I have a lovely top and enough left of both to do something else. No idea hit me while I was cutting, so it will return to the closet to commune with the other lovelies. I failed to do my standard narrowing of the neckline and had to cheat with a decorative pleat.  Neckline close up:


Oh, lets keep up my 2 hits and a miss theme with 1 more top! Ladies, it is less sleek on the hippish- be warned.


It’s the Victory Patterns Roxanne and Surprise! It’s not a miss! I love it. I’ve been harboring this printed eyelet way too long, I think it found its best friend.
What do I like about this? Its floaty, it’s still slightly angled so it isn’t just a pretty sack, and this collar is precious.


Yes, I succumbed to preciousness! Sadly, my eyelet totally wilted in the heat of the garage and the photoboy was paying as much attention as he should to the twists and turns of my neckline. So slack!! Very happy the kayak didn’t fall on me!

Now I know you all have buses to catch and schemes to hatch but Ive saved my last bit of special for, well….last.

Bea? Bea if you are out there, wave a dainty hand and acknowledge your fabness! My Swappy partner for Kestral’s annual swap was totally channeling little me! I always worry that I will partner with a beigy babe andI will be the one tearfully reading a thoughtful note with ‘….I notice that you are lacking good sensible staple pieces- here is some khaki broadcloth….’
Luckilly Bea and The Kestral knew best! Follow me on my zipper-strewn path to gaudy joy:






Final Big Squeal!!!



photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “I am so far behind I can mock my own panty lines!

  1. sewbussted says:

    Well, you never fail me, you always leave me laughing. This time it was the Green Acres comparison. No real comparison, I just wasn’t ready for that 😉
    All are cute and fun. I agree with the sleeve length on the first, but wow do I like the print.


  2. Wow – you have been prolific. Love your tops – especially that first one – that fabric really rocks. Although that collar on that last one is really spesh too. And I love the side details on the second one – I guess it is a tie.!!!


  3. Can you send more of those tops to me?? It has been 95 for a week and heading to the 100’s soon!!!! They are just perfect…quirky, feminine and full of personality!


  4. I am constantly amazed at your ability to see past the model’s outfits to the line drawings and find the potential! You have yourself three lovely tops there! Gee your swap partner has you nailed! Great score of treasure there 🙂


  5. Wow! What fab additions to your wardrobe – especially the dramatic black one, paired with black capris it’ll be stunning for summer evening cocktails. And I had a laugh too – must go, have schemes to plot…


  6. danvillegirl says:

    I really like all of your tops! I have that Simplicity pattern on my list to sew soon. Love the collar on the Victory top.


  7. I love your tops! I would have liked to see a full version of the last one, ‘specially with all the pleats happening in the back. I really like your printed eyelet. You looks so cool and stylish for the hot humid weather.


  8. Béa says:

    *waving as daintily as I can manage- dainty doesn’t come natural to me* What a relief that you liked it all! And I love what you did with the zips there…

    That first top is definitely my favourite- the colours are gorgeous and the wooden dragonfly buttons are fab. As for number two, I admire your seam matching skills with much admirey admiration. And the collar on the third top is a masterpiece!


  9. you are totally winning at rad summer tops, lady! Though I have to say the Roxanne wins for me though steampunk mickey may have tipped me over the edge. What can I say? I’m easy swayed!


  10. That first one is gorgeous and looks so nice and flowing. I’ll remember that pattern come October when our weather gets crazily hot and humid.
    Actually I like them all 😀 Especially the pattern-matching on the second top and the collar on the third.
    (I’ve been following your blog for a while now and really enjoy it 🙂


  11. Blah blah great shirts blah blah. 😉 What I REALLY love is your steampunk mickey. On the hunt now! Also, your presents look like so much fun! Can’t wait to see your coco!


  12. A Coco! Nice – can we expect to see some fantastically patterned stretch fabrics in the future then? It’s really enjoyable matching people up and you have a great distinctive style so I bet you’re fun to buy for too.


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