Wearable Wednesday Erin Fetherston

Let me just say that I am prepared to hate this- everytime I see this designer she looks so ‘Berghdorf Blonde’ that I want to smoosh her. I will of course keep the  blessed neutrality that makes me the mature blogger that you all respect so. Yup.

Meh. No, no,stop it.  I like the print. Its ok.


Don’t try to entice me with  a book! This is nice. Its femmy but not over the top.


Evita- the clerical years.


Really? She’s just phoning it in with this one.


Ok, ok, that was harsh. Deep breathes Anne, think WWAHD. What would Audrey Hepburn do…….But this next one is like a Junior Miss lampshade. Who can wear this???


This is awful. Does she hate this model? She looks like a potato wrapped in shelf paper.


Strawberry Shortcake at Wimbledon taken quite  literally.


Dammit. I like this one. Just don’t try to sit near me in the cafeteria Erin, or we’ll have to tussle.



photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

15 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Erin Fetherston

  1. sewbussted says:

    A collection that is actually wearable, well, except for the lampshade top. We’ll just say that the pattern maker got confused 😉


  2. These are all nice. Except for the lampshade. They’re not exactly my style, I don’t wear straight skirts, but I want a few yards of that first fabric. And the last. Especially the last. Oh heck, just give the last garment, whatever it is. It looks like there’s enough fabric in that to do whatever I decide.


  3. Its just kind of blah….i think if I dug through all my see and sew patterns and stash I could make any of these. I could be a famous designer and make lots of money!


  4. I quite like this entire collection. I’m not sure the shape of those tops works well for someone like me, short and curvy, but I think it suits the model. This collection is not at all hideous. 😀


  5. Not bad, not bad at all…even the lampshade outfit would suit Kiera Knightly as she wears lots of that stuff. Nice fabrics, nice shoes and the models even have time to read a book of two…win-win!


  6. Hmmm…when I saw the subject line ‘Erin Fetherston’ I was kind of intrigued as I’m familiar with the name, but not her work. Not entirely excited about this collection by any means, but it is a nice change from the non-wearable, ridiculously styled collections we’ve been seeing 🙂 Some of the fabrics are lovely…most of the shapes are pleasing…the styling isn’t horrible. Not bad, although I can’t help agreeing with chesneykat that there are patterns and fabrics lurking that would approximate many of these. 🙂

    So…maybe that’s the ultimate inspiration: a collection that makes you want to dig out those unused patterns and hoarded fabrics and go to work 🙂 Win Win.

    And as Mrs Mole says…time to read is a bonus 🙂


  7. Not bad, not bad! I mean if someone gave me a few of these I might actually be seen in public wearing them–except of course the lampshade and the strawberry fabric. The model even looks somewhat happy!


  8. Such a cute model! And the clothes actually look good on her! And she looks happy! 🙂 These are nice basics for the most part (lampshade notwithstanding), but they wouldn’t really suit me. I’ll take pretty much all the fabrics though. 😉


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