So I entered a Contest


I don’t normally do contests. They bring out the poor put upon martyr 8th grader that lurks beneath my well- polished facade of maturity. I like a swap, I like a sew along, oh please  DON’T JUDGE ME!!!! maybe a Pattern Review event like the Pattern Stash  Contest would be more like a personal challenge and I can handle those, since I routinely lie to myself about my snack consumption, stash purchase and pattern buying, something on paper documented would be easier to admit to!


So here we go- my 3rd on my list- Butterick 5812. It’s been sitting in the bin for-evah. I’ve had a million ideas for it- including just using the slip to make…slips! Looking at this picture, again- a pattern that does not scream at you to buy and run home to muslin. salmon under turquise lace? Really? Is that what you thought would sell it, Betty Butterick?


But look at the line drawing- view A looks like it could be fun, doesn’t it? View D- also interesting.  Being blazing summer in the south, I started with B.


According to Pattern Review, 14 members own this and 9 want it. Hmm- whats keeping you people? Has Jo Ann’s back ordered your salmon duchess satin? Well, once more I cut the ribbon on a new gaudy classic. I will keep an eye on this. Next week the ‘owned’ number may drop substantially as sewists jettison this load from their queues due to my tasteful use of it!


I’ve loved these 2 fabrics I used for so long- but never thought of all of them forming a gaudy trinity with this pattern until recently.  I did the slip in a flocked gauze- in a color that I was worried about being close to my face- I thought the liver function testing would be recommended if I did, so I brought out this black, teal, Chartreuse and white (phew!) crinkle sheer would cover that a bit and work well together as a foil for it. Once I got it to the alterations portion of our fun, I realized the underskirt barely showed and that seaweedy flocking was hiding too much. I think it’s darn cute, even if it makes me Princess Sallowcheeks.


So Ms Holloway bravely stood still while I scooped out the neckline and angled the hem to show more seaweed. Yes, ladies, if your hem gets too high, gentlemen will see your seaweed. A cautionary tale, I bring to you. Now I’ve just edited this post to include a pic that shows the right sleeve better- it looks like a little puff in the other pictures- I can’t explain why- I assume it is just my powerful right bicep from flipping thru Vanity Fair magazine every month while holding an extra large slurpee aloft to keep condensation off the pages.



Now I’m very happy, my only issue is that it is a little less stable in the neckline now. I plan more of these so I will narrow the back a bit more toward the top as I do the front. That front alteration got lost in my scoopadge. I have those slopey shoulders that would have made Prince Albert quite randy, I’m sure. ds5

Ahem…vote for me!


photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

31 thoughts on “So I entered a Contest

  1. gail katz says:

    Dear Princess — how clever of you to do the oh so popular uneven hem…what a stand out idea! However, I think it would be oh so cool if it were even a bit more uneven. Suggest ruching the bottom about 8 inches to let us see more of the green base and jazz up the top dress a bit. Thanks for showing off the pattern!


  2. You have made that pattern your own and cut it into submission. Love your angled overlay – looks much more interesting than a straight bottom – I mean who wants a straight bottom??? Love it.


  3. That butterick photo is sure horrible! Your version looks 10 million times better! I’ve also entered that PR contest, but don’t know how much I’ll get done as I’ve so far only made one pattern from my stash and the rest are new patterns!


  4. Kat H says:

    Stash busting, oh yeah! I get tempted to enter those stash busting challenges, but then the thought of my stash scares me so I have to run away again… Oops….

    Nice use of seaweedy goodness. 🙂


  5. I agree, you had a brilliant vision and brought it to fruition! It’s a success for you whether or not you win the contest, but good job for staring down the big bear of the contest and entering. 🙂


  6. I’m so loving this on you! What a great idea to use the layers, so cute and fun. This pattern, view B, is really nice, looks so much like the Tessuti gabby dress, that I haven’t ordered because it only comes in a PDF for A4 paper (at $11 a ream on special order) or $30 for the envelope! I might just pick this up! Helmut is a darling.


  7. A gorgeous fabric combination. Who would have thought it was such a nice looking dress from the pattern? A very clever use of the uneven hem too.
    Personally, I have a soft spot for the number 2 prize in this competition – being supplied to a randomly generated victim ;). This is more satisfying to the inner 8th grader IMO, because really, the halo for using a neglected pattern is a pretty good outcome anyway!


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