Wearable Wendesday Jonathan Simkhai

Time for a game I think of as “Yuck and Yes!” Ready?

Yuck and a why?


yes and a mental review of my pattern stash.


Yuck and a head shake.


yes and a hmm….are those her hipbones?


yuck and a scowl (from her and I both)


yes and a monitor lick!


Your turn- now please preface it with a ‘YUCK’ or a ‘YES’ and your special feelings :


1 more:


photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

39 thoughts on “Wearable Wendesday Jonathan Simkhai

  1. sewbussted says:

    I like a couple of the yucks, but the others, woo hoo. But then again, thanks to you :), I’ve seen worse.
    The hipbone remark was priceless!!


  2. Yuck to both…first one totally male and the second with the white mudflaps…who wants to look like that? Huge white yoke just begging for some Hollandaise sauce to drip down while I enjoy my Eggs Benedict…not a good way to start the day!


  3. Ok, the shoes have got to go, not a one of them is standing straight and I fear they would twist their ankle or get the stiletto caught in hot tar on a summer day. The perfectly flat shower shoes with the heavy duty hoodie and too big shorts…just UGLY .
    Number two and the blue metallic I like a lot and would wear. The last one with the carapace on the side is just plain weird.


  4. Hmmm, that last dress looks useful if you’re walking across a muddy field…built in mud flaps! (but strangely enough, I kind of like the insecty look of it)


  5. Mary says:

    First one Just what I’ve ALWAYS wanted! To appear as though I were a triangle?!
    Second one Quick, turn her around, I want to see the jet packs!
    Hmmm, guess I’m just jealous.


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