Wearable Wednesday, Christopher Kane by request

I wish the piping were pixie sticks- this model needs a pick me up!


I love this one. Please let there be more daisies in the bag.


Young River Phoenix looks good in this. I hope she doesn’t lose the donning instructions- it looks complicated.


Why won’t you take my ideas seriously, Mr Smith? I kept raising my hand during the meeting!


The Project Runway astro turf nightie challenge winner!


Sesame Place unsuccessfully  tries to add some ‘street’ to their parade dancers this summer.


Christopher Kane, now in non-stick.


Becky, the demure call girl.


Beckys madam.


Optical illusion or are her arms that freakin’ skinny???Send help and carbs!


Ok, I like this one and it’s so secure!


My head! It’s too much!

1- Sometimes you just need a good airing.

2- Insert Model here (instructions for backstage dressers)

3- …..no. Thats too filthy to type. My Father reads this.


Chris- I’d watch out for Betsey Johnson, she’s probably behind you….


More Kane?

photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday, Christopher Kane by request

  1. OMG, thank goodness I’d finished my tea before reding this post! 🙂 That poor girl with the freaky skinny arms – or a very bad case of Photoshop?? Enve daughter no2, sitting next to me, couldn’t believe these were photos of “serious” clothes. Excellent captions, as always.


  2. The clothes were stunning in their awfulness and your descriptions were apt and hilarious ( looks to me like there are white triangles at the elbows of the skinny arms dress – doesn’t help it look amy better).


  3. I like the “Sesame Place” top and I think I might want the shoes in the next to last pic.

    This is a weird collection. Mostly “what was this designer thinking?” but also strangely appealing.


  4. If we are to follow these trends…it is “matchy-matchy” for the Fall season…shoes and bag and dress and elastic suspender straps. That poor girl in the all black pants outfit with the cut-out elbows must have been told to wear the top backwards. The call girl and her madam just made me wonder if they got a roll of black lace and couldn’t figure out where else to put it…sad.


  5. sewbussted says:

    I’m always up for an interesting(weird)sleeve, but, oh my goodness, that sleeve is creepy!! David Copperfield must have been a consultant on this one.


  6. 1. Another Wednesday already?
    2. I needed the laugh,
    3. My mother told me trends return, damn, I should have saved all,of those daisy pins from my high school,years.
    The first three are actually…pretty.
    The models: the short hair girl looks like her head was shaved because of lice, her skin tone looks like she has lived in a dungeon, and starved.
    The other one, well just plain ugly, and sad.


  7. I’ve seen the purple suspender dress before and I still can’t get my head around it. Great post. Oh btw I don’t think anyone could get away with the length of the astro turf dress, how do you sit down??


  8. I like 2 and 3 – the black ones with the daisies – but the rest just make me sad LOL. Also, I’m all for gals with short hair (I’m one myself LOL) but the buzz cut is not doing anything for that poor lass; I wonder if she cried when they cut it, like on Top Model? 😛


  9. OMGosh…I was literally laughing out loud looking at these crazy fashions (someone stole my 70s daisy brooch!)….then I got to that lovely yellow number! On what planet would someone actually walk outside in that…?!

    On the other hand…wearing this out could totally change your career path…!

    Thanks as always for another fun WW 🙂 You’ll note that I’m not making my usual “who funds these” comments anymore…just seems pointless. The project just keep rolling out!


  10. Magnificent!! Thanks Anne for acquiring to the request – I’m sure there are some amazing design lines hidden in Chris’ collection, but those prints, seriously?? Mind you, I think he was trying to butter you up with the last pink leopard in two sizes with the buttercup accents!


  11. Oh my I love that last one so hard I’ve saved it into my photos-I-found-online-and-am-saving-for-plagiarism-err-I-mean-inspiration folder. (t’s a very long filepath). Pink leopard and multi-neon leopard and fitted? Oh yes, very very yes.


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