Wearable Wednesday Gucci

Fabric, boots….purr, purr….


She’s like a surly Superhero forced to go to a cocktail party at the Justice League’s accountants house.


Ok, the lowslung pants trend officially must stop NOW>


Ok, that slit is not safe at the water cooler, but other than that- yes, indeed.


The reptiles of William Morris…


Previously unreleased pics of the Crackerjack sailor at Gastonbury-


I’m starting to warm to the snakey sundress look…..is that bad?


I just can’t-its all over the place- were these the last 5 items left on the rack by mistake?



photo credits:Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gucci

  1. Ooo Wee…someone is big into nasturtiums and dandelions aren’t they? At least these fashions, minus the sailor pants are wearable and the fabrics look soft enough to cling but not cross over into the hoochie-mama territory. We can get used to the snakeskin boots for Fall and belts and boots and bugs can make a statement. The last look does seem as though the model was changing into her street clothes and decided to keep the floral pants on…you never know?


  2. Make the pants GO away!!!! but keep the snake skin – I actually think it’s her natural skin, the chrome boots merely kept it camouflaged while dining with the accountant – let it out girl, embrace your true reptile, you’re so much happier – hmm… maybe she ate the accountant….


  3. sewbussted says:

    I really like the collection minus the slouchy pants. And as always, I so enjoy your commentary. You always give me my first smile
    On Wednesdays 🙂


  4. Well, DD1 looooooooves those silly dropped crotch trousers, and DD3 completely agrees that the style/trend/weirdness is over. done. finito. 🙂 I don’t care for the style, but DD1 is a hip hop culture kinda girl, and it seems to suit her. I totally love the nasturtium fabric. And Gucci is always amazing for boots. Can I have a pair?


  5. I love the first dress and the black sundress – way to go, Gucci!! For me, I totally love low rise pants, but not the dropped crotch – for crying out loud, please fix the crotch curve – it looks like she has a load in her pants LOL


  6. I had to laugh at the blue dress comment…could NOT figure out what you meant by ‘justice league’…and then I scrolled down to the metallic boots…lol!

    Not a big fan of the floral…and don’t like it with the snakeskin at all. Looks like a random closet grab.

    And for the love of Pete…THOSE PANTS MUST DIE! Walking around like your diaper hasn’t been changed in months, with 5 inches of hem flapping about? What are you…3? Raid your mama’s closet? UGH…make them stop. I have NEVER seen anyone on who these look attractive…of either sex! Resist…!

    The detailing on the green dress was nice…the rest? I’ll pass, thanks.


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