Wearable Wednesday Fendi

I think I saw her hanging over a market stall in China town. Not sure what I was supposed to buy….


Its the coffee filter/curtain challenge on Project Runway!


Is it a coat? Cape? Seat cover!


This looks so random, but I want the bag!


Whats your pick? furry snot wipe bracelet? Or stuffed animal carcass tote?


Hold the bus! I like this! Check out that collar business!


Psst- Mrs Fredricks, we know you are trying to bring Tippy into theΒ  VIP lounge again, please Ma’am, no pets…..


Hmmm…..yeah, thats all I got.


I’m so close to a rant about these demented willow model poses- feel free to tell me your thoughts on it-


Dammit- I can’t focus on my mockery with her hopping around like a bratz doll in the matrix?!


‘Ok, so I’m at the gym and my trainer, Alf is like ‘Betty, I don’t think you are serious about your workouts-‘ and I’m all like ‘as if! Did you get the check?’ What nerve, who does he think he is?’



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Fendi

  1. OMG…love love love the shoes and bags! And the clothes are mostly actually wearable with cool sleeve and collar treatments and great fabrics albeit very label promotional…what happened to their small signature “F” designs? I’ll take the grey dress with the funky sleeves and those pumps…yes ma’am!!!


  2. Oooo…I actually kind of like some of these…especially the shoes and bags πŸ™‚ I”m with Mrs. Mole on that gray dress – really fresh! I also would have loved to have seen that navy/black/cream knit dress in a less convoluted pose – it looks like of neat, but all those pleats in the back? What’s up with that???

    I also kind of like that little black number with the mesh hemline and the unfortunate smashed bird handbag (lose the handbag…what do you suppose THAT little number sells for??). The writing up the side is kind of fun with the sleek lines of the dress.

    That cape/seat cover/whatever looks for all the world like the LSU floor mats I just bought the hubby for his birthday! Have to tide him over until football season starts πŸ˜‰

    An interesting collection – at least the models don’t look like they’re ready to tear someone into pieces!


  3. Oooo pretty! Your new background I mean, not the clothes. Does that paisley come in a fabric? Oh, okay. We’re here for the fashion show. The “random” t-shirt and pants are okay. I would wear that. Probably around the house on cleaning day. And the shoes. The shoes are cute.


  4. ermegawd, I like it – clearly I need more scuba knit & mesh in my life, and I do feel for the poor parrots being smuggled in the bags and wrapped around wrists, however… How Is She Doing That Jumping Thing With Her Hair So Smooth?! Your commentary remains brilliant, but the clothes with pleats, I think I want them … – waiter, an intervention please!


  5. What a strange collection! I mean doesn’t it look a little twee to you? Really stuffed animal bags, and not one pretty pony either! I like the white dress with the collar that you do, but ..sigh…white, not in my universe for long.


  6. Okay,I like most of these. The seat cover and the last two, no. This model needs to be tied down and force fed. I am afraid that if she lands wrong, her twig like legs will snap.


  7. I feel inspired – to glue a stuffed parrot to my beach bag πŸ˜‰ Having said that I love the pants, material and shoes of no 2 and the split collar dress.


  8. The pose is weird and un-natural, but I like the blue dress with the pleats in the back. Otherwise, there’s not too much that would fit into my “working mother” wardrobe…doubt I’m the demographic they’re looking for.


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