Wearable Wednesday Zero + Maria Cornejo

There is so much to focus on- the car buffer purse, the horribly fitting jumpsuit….shiver


Wait- are the legs just folded over themselves? Dang- I was having good feelings about the shape, now I wonder whats up with that!


Lets discuss this flying squirrel jumpsuit so we don’t focus on the odd car wash fetish heels.


Dear Zero, I’m worried my waist looks too small- can you design something to make me gloriously shapeless?


Even flying squirrels need regular aerobic activity!


Honey, I keep telling you, you’re shopping at Flagmart, not Fabricmart- check your browser!


Salley knew she nailed her interview- they were to dazzled to ask about references!


If you like the top half, you probably don’t like the bottom…..


They should have put something in the back so the poor model would know where to stick her head thru. Come on designers, these girls aren’t rocket scientists!


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

32 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Zero + Maria Cornejo

  1. Actually, they asked me to model the second one but must have forgot to unfold the hem for this taller model. And, look, I justifiably refused because Pattern Placement. Otherwise, I’m all for car buffing accessories. In case the modelling gig doesn’t work out, you know?


  2. Tyraenna says:

    Oh dear. The background on all these photos makes it really hard to see the things made of white or light fabric. Two things – the car buffing purse is crazy, and even though I don’t like the designs, the dark fabric with the bright print in the last three is kind of glorious.


  3. The second one with cuffs rolled up…the pattern is up-side down…those are faces. The work out outfit…are the pants on backward for the front crotch looks mighty baggy. All these clothes could be worn in a flood or used as sails on a raft…the flag dress…almost cool without the pants.


  4. Perhaps I need more coffee, bit I actually like most of these outfits – they look reasonably wearable. While I think jumpsuits are generally unsuitable for anyone over 5 yrs old, these look reasonably comfortable. I like the patterned fabric. I love the shoes – even the scrubbies (they’d look fabulous in red).


  5. Piper Springs says:

    I’m actually loving the clean lines and minimalist silhouette. Even turning the pants legs up seems like a cool “I don’t care” kind of thing to do. My problem is that no one but tall, skinny girls could carry this looks off. Definitely a fashion as art collection.


  6. I might be feeling a little peculiar but I fancy that second jumpsuit. I think. Not really feeling the batwing festival they’ve latched onto here. What? Someone not bothered to draft a sleeve?


  7. Jumpsuits – difficult to wear at best, these designed to avoid the ‘does my rear look big in this syndrome’. That would be the least of your problems. The first colour blocked dress (long one) has something going for it, and the cut of the flying squirrel jacket below almost ,well, flies. Zero , is that out of ten? I’d give it two for effort.


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