Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

Why so sad, little model? Is your leg circulation totally cut off by your Spartacus the postman’s outfit?


I need a priest to perform an exorcism on this outfit- I think it’s trying to kill her!


Come on seriously- what were the models instructions? Think soulless and a little bit constipated?


Yes, I killed them- and I’m glad, glad!!!


They never found the groom…..or the pannini maker.


She’s like a suicidal giraffe in chiffon.


She looks like the sofa in my childhood neighbors finished basement.


Ok, I’m not sure if this is a coat or a lot of things, but I like it.



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Mui Mui

  1. Flashback to 1970 when we were all making granny square fashions and Peter Maxx ruled the poster and fashion world.Even that poor bride had to wear a crocheted vest! It is like they told the models to just go to the separates rack and throw anything on and top it with a long chiffon scarf danging down their back. The black number is perfect for a stylish mafia funeral and cocktail party to follow. I have heard the designer’s name pronounced like a cat sound: mew mew.


  2. Tyraenna says:

    The second photo … it burnses us! I actually like the drapey white bridal one, although I’m not sure I would steal a panini maker over it …


  3. I think those crochet chest plates are attempting to constrict the poor models – unless they are protecting us from the aliens masquerading as models – look away from that last print… it’s sucking us into its vortex…


  4. Those granny squares are the designer giving us the finger: “You are not sophisticated enough to appreciate the granny square (and I hope you don’t notice the rest of my collection is nothing special”


  5. Jen (NY) says:

    Maybe crocheted granny squares are exotic in Italy? That’s the only thing I can think of. Reminds me of elementary school. I wonder if soda/beer can hats are available as accessories. Otherwise, Miu Miu is one of my favorites (as eye candy only – no way can I afford that stuff or fit into it!). Not withstanding the grim models, it’s a nice collection, I think, without the crochet parts.


  6. I like the navy blue chiffon dress. Granny squares were big when I was in middle school – think I’ll pass. Perhaps the stylist is a fan of The Walking Dead? The shoes and accessories are bad enough but the hair and make-up are truly hideous. Unless you’re a zombie…


  7. Piper Springs says:

    But, but, but I loved my crochet vest when I was seven and it was so groovy. These outfits besmirch the beloved granny square!


  8. The revenge of the pot holders…!

    Actually, I think it takes real skill to make super skinny models look REALLY bad. Must be one of the classes you get at Parsons?

    Some of these prints are interesting…but I’m totally distracted by the tails – is that a LONG scarf or the hem?? WHY?? Does it double as a leash? Why do the models look so vapid? (ok, maybe not a valid question…). Why the gladiator strappy excess?

    Sigh…just too taxing. Mui Mui…you’re OUT.


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