Wearable Wednesday Paule Ka

Girly, perhaps a bit of edge. I like it. I find this all very Hayley Mills Trouble with Angels adorable. But, the model is distracting me. Her inner monologue is really hung over. pk1

‘Can they tell? I totally forgot the rest of the outfit- ‘


“Yeah, it’s like career day, Phoebe-‘


‘MM’kay- I like totally tied myself to this chair, can you like, call the attendant?’


‘Whoa- like room shift, or just me, guys? ‘


‘Sooooo spent from last nights tequila crawl- I hope this is on right-‘


‘Ermegod- it is so bright in here….’


‘Just hold onto the chair, Phoebe we can do this……soooo want to hurl….’


photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

32 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Paule Ka

  1. I love these! I went back to each one and imagined a real woman with make-up and brushed hair and a smile…what a difference. Now if only Macy’s would carry these in a decent size and price…they would have a winner!


  2. Monday holidays mess me up. I almost forgot today is Wednesday!

    All of these are nice or have the potential to be nice with a little futzing. Favorites: the first one and the pale green dress and jacket.


  3. I think the models are beautiful, but the set directions from the stylist and photographer were totally, “Try to look hung over. Look like you hate being here and you’re so ready to quit this job but you have to keep working here so you can keep feeding your cute clothing addiction and your teacup poodle puppy.”


  4. Well, these certainly are cute!! I’m not sure I’m in love with them, perhaps they are a little TOO cute! But, nonetheless would look good in a variety of event and non-event related social situations. And, the shoes, I DO LOVE! The dressy runners and the little white flats. Hip Hip Hoooray!! I’m starting to resent heels the older I get. At least wearing them, not admiring them.


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