Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

Today we will play “yes,Vogue’   ‘NOVOGUE!’ and try to hint to our pattern company which of these we’d prefer they hacked for us. Ok?



Yes, Vogue


Yes, Vogue- come on, it’s interesting and  gives you a gut grin!


No, Vogue- wait- does Vogue do window valances?


No Vogue- but you won’t listen to us, will you?


Yes, Vogue- come on, I want a new 80’s rock star duster!


It’s too late, isn’t it? This is already on the next catalog cover, isn’t it?



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rachel Comey

  1. Interesting post! Just to clarify, we don’t actually “hack” any of the Vogue Patterns designer patterns—the designers do not allow us to make modifications to their designs. See this blog post I wrote for further clarification: http://bit.ly/1pAI9fw.

    Another point to note is that the designers have a say in which patterns they allow us to license. Not all looks in their collections may be available for reproduction as patterns; it’s up to the individual designers which ones are.

    That being said, please do continue to give us feedback on which runway looks you like or don’t like. It’s helpful to our merchandising team. Thanks!


    • I used hack incorrectly, tho no derision toward your company implied. I just thought it would be fun to guess and kibbitz over which designs we think we’ll see soon. Thanks for the comments. I guess Im not getting a free pattern now…..?


    • Some of us love using and making muslins from nightmare patterns both from the Big 4 and Indies. On my blog it really draws the readers in and comments flow. Seeing real women try to fit into such unflattering baggy, layered parachute and balloon shade fashions can be a hoot until you realize we are being manipulated at a high cost. Too bad we cannot return to the era when patterns flattered women of all sizes and ages…what happened to the teen and Jr miss patterns appropriate for young women and not hoochie mamas? What happened to half size patterns designed for short-waisted older women who lost their waists along the way? Every new season the companies seem to want to shock us with fabric volume and strange poses of anorexic models. Women are sewing better with better machines and taking online classes to improve their skills but it is the pattern companies who let us down with unrealistic styles. I stress to my clients and customers, “It’s not your sewing skills, it is the crap pattern to start with.”


  2. I’m super impressed that McCalls patterns left you a comment. I like the duster best of all – bonus points to the model who doesn’t look quite as bored/embarrassed/pissed off as the others. Perhaps she actually feels comfortable in the outfit they put on her?


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