Mccalls 6395 Again~

As I have whined previously, I’ve fallen behind. It’s this weather. I make a new thing, I love it, I wear it to work, Fathers house, buffet time, whatever and then get home- the photohubs looks at it, and gamely says, ‘Do we need pictures of that?’ and I sigh and fall into a Camille-like swoon across the Davenport announcing that I am too wilted for the paparazzi!


Then  weeks go by and I become bored with a previously loved garment and half-heartedly throw a review at PR. Sigh, I am a fickle lamb. So I’ve sort of given up on documenting my last summer makes- until November when I  torment you with daily pics from my Disney trip- in a feature I like to plagaristically refer to as MMM…….Me Made Mickey! 

So this last week I blasted the air conditioning, set the fan on high and focused on Fall. I have been unsure what to do with this knit from my very first Mary Jo’s visit 2 years ago. I finally decided to remake McCall’s 6395. I made it back in Oh, Mercy! 2011 !

Ah….a gaudy times capsule. This time I did the skirted version- yay pockets- and skipped the zipper wrist business. I had other ideas. I’ve loved to see designers embellish with metal, but I have never liked my attempts- I have all the subtly and  craftsmanship of a macaroni necklace. I haven’
t given up yet- check this out:


I started with the sleeves, then  added a bit more and a bit more. This print really hid the fun seamlines, so I felt a little detail couldn’t hurt. Also, it was a good day on TCM, so I didn’t mind the handwork! I used a bias tape for the neckline- no floppy facings to tuck in all day thank you. I thought it might help stabilize it after I sew all this decorative weight to it!


Ok, Big girl reveal time! Here i go round the mulberry bush, don’cha know.


ACTION SHOT! I have no idea what I am doing here- it looks like I’m about to start clogging. I’m not totally thrilled with the clingy nature of this fabric- what does one line stable knit with? All I see is my barrel-like qualities as it clings to my daintiness.


Ok, without motion, it looks better I think. luckily I totally embrace a motionless lifestyle. It’s my forte. I’m sorry this pattern is out of print- I’m taunting you with calorie free chocolate here- what you just can’t get. But per Pattern Review, at least 6 more people have it. Want to start a convention, Ladies of 6395?


You know in the fall ok, all seasons- I like a tunicy bit of business. This totally bits the bill for me. I can work it with leggings, I can scarf it up. I have very low-level Bollywood style aspirations. I go on pinterest and pin all these Afghani and Indian style outfits and I have come to a conclusion. I’m trying to create a form of gaudy Lagenlook. Less brown, more eye searing. Less natural fibers, more textural mayhem. If Judy Dench can do it, why not little me? This leads me to my Fall plotting. I’m just not little Miss fitted garment. I like some ease and draping. But I will look like a festooned barrel if I’m not careful, so I’m thinking columny. Even tho the weather isn’t dropping, I decided this weekend to rotate the lawn and voile out-of-the-way for more textural winter fabrics. I also reworked my swatch book and made a board of ideas and generally wasted time shredding an Instyle magazine in the name of planning. I came to several conclusions:

1- I need more fabric. Of course. So I can make this:

2- I need to plan separates that work with each other. Without looking like a suit. I don’t have a suit lifestyle. Jackets, yay. Suits no. This doesn’t really exemplify my point, but I love it and as you know, I’m easily distracted!


3- I need more fabric. Still. maybe for this Clover Canyon gorgeousness. Rip-offs ahead!


So how about you? Do your wardrobe inspiring icons change seasonally? Are you Miley Cyrus in the summer and Ruth Beider Ginsberg in the winter?

photo credits: Pattern review, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

40 thoughts on “Mccalls 6395 Again~

  1. Part of the problem with tunics is they like to cling to what is under them like leggings. You could line the knit with a knit lining or wear a half slip over the leggings to make a barrier of slippery. I love the metal trims!!!! The fabric is almost…dare I say…a solid but with great texture!


  2. Jen (NY) says:

    I gravitate towards tunic-like dresses myself. Tricot can work well to prevent tights/leggings from sticking and provide a little more coverage. I have underlined ponte skirts with nylon tricot, to mixed results. It seems to turn out better when the fashion fabric is thicker, with some body. I think that one skirt didn’t turn out so well because the ponte was a lousy quality. In that case the tricot was more stable and the two fabrics didn’t match well together – the outer skirt would stretch out and kind of bag in places – not a good look. Otherwise, I like the combination.


  3. This is cute…love the fabric, too 🙂 This would be a really versatile dress for fall/spring (guess that should actually be backwards…) since you could wear it with tights, leggings, maybe on its own…:)

    I made a wrap dress for my daughter out of an ITY knit…lined it with performance wear swimsuit-ish thin lining…GREAT result! You might want to look into that if you feel the need for a lining. I bought a boatload of it on sale at JoAnns (that bastion of superior sewing stuff) a while back. It’s been wonderful 🙂 I’ve used it to line two sheath dresses that were made of some odd fabric (again from JoAnns) with stretch in it…worked out great!


  4. This is not a post to read while drinking anything, unless one’s monitor needs a good dousing! 🙂 Great embellishment — isn’t it funny how much work you can get done when there’s something good on TV? Also, I’m so glad to find another Clover Canyon fan!


  5. I too love tunics, on thin days I wear them with a low-slung belt (hey, I’m an eighties gal!), on days when my “barrel-like qualities” (love that!) are more evident, I wear them straight. I go for thicker knits for winter (thicker than ribbing) as it skims the lumpy bits and stable cotton wovens for summer (same reason). Oh and I like this on you too btw 🙂


  6. Yes to the tunic/legging look in the fall, especially your version here. The recurring question in my brain is whether shiny leggings would solve the sticking problem…then I tell myself to step away from the gold lycra, no good can come of going down that road.


  7. bimbleandpimble says:

    I am totally team tunic! Though I find I have to wear a half slip with mine in autumn/spring so my tights don’t cling. Ugh! The buttons on the raglan are a level of sass and fancy- blinging it like a boss!


  8. How did I miss this McCalls’ pattern? After seeing your versions, I want it so badly now! I need to think about this in-season style business, as I struggle in cold weather finding appropriate attire that isn’t boring. Summer is easy- fun flowy tops and dresses, but try those once it dips below 50 degrees! Brr…! I like your concept of Low Level Bollywood! I think I’ve found my style icon- you!


  9. Oh, I really like this dress Anne! I think it’s very flattering and I love your metal embellishments. I have no idea what to line knits with other than more knits, tissue-knit perhaps? The knit linings at my local fabric shop are grotesque, weird plasticy poly acrylic. They feel awful and do not drape at all. Enjoyed your commentary re: clog dancing, lol. The first inspiration dress is my fave, really pretty.


  10. redsilvia says:

    I love what you’ve done. I’m a huge fan of pockets everywhere. Your clever plan with the buttons would have reduced my button hoard by .01%, but let me know if you’re running low.

    Winter, summer, spring, fall = whatevs. I live in California where said seasons mean at best 10 degrees of separation. If allowed I’d wear yoga pants to work and just be done with it. (not allowed – don’t worry).


  11. Tyraenna says:

    I love this version, and the pockets and buttons are glorious! It looks quite nice on you, and seems very comfortable from this perspective! What weekend is Halloween Mickey for you? Do you always go on Halloween?


  12. I am making a knit dress now in a fairly stable interlock and I’m lining it with tricot. It’s poly and slick and shiny. And stretchy. That way I can wear tights underneath without the dress sticking to them. Love the pockets! And the color!


  13. Oooh, nice inspiration dresses! I love all of them! But back to the main topic – I also love the McCalls dress, having made it twice myself and planning to make it again sometime! I used double knits for mine and didn’t really have sticking issues, so that might help. Otherwise I think that a slip is an excellent plan.


  14. cat golden says:

    Hello Anne, I just bought this pattern on ebay and looked for reviews and therefore found you! LUV the drees, LUV your blog! And OOOOOO that bottom dress, the clover canyon, would die for a pattern like that… XXOO Cat

    Liked by 1 person

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