Wearable Wednesday Tia Cibani

My head hurts just looking at her hair. This reminds me of when poaching salmon in brown paper was cool.


Hmm…yes, this top looks dangerous, but lovely. Like the model.


Everyone told Alice that Anne Rice was not really a good prom theme….


These pleats are intriguing- and probably filled with lint and cookie crumbs. Well, mine would be.


Just nope.


Are you seeing this, Vogue Patterns? It’s right up your alley.


Damn. I forgot to secure my jacket lining and on such a windy day…..



photo credits:style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Tia Cibani

  1. I hope the second model did a slow turn at the end the catwalk. I would be afraid that any sudden movements could lead to … Exposure.

    But those pleated trousers! I love them!


  2. Ok, so the first one doesn’t fit so well, and the ‘just nope’, agreed. Just nope. But, I’m so loving all the draping going on in the rest of these outfits! The perfectly placed pleats and the bias cut draping. So, pretty! Practical and wearable for every day? Not for my lifestyle, but I would certainly sport these to a dressy-uppy event!


  3. I’m loving the snark directed at Vogue patterns. They’ve gotten so … boring. I could be reading into things that only exist for me, but it seems like the sewing community is shifting away from what the big three have on offer and towards something a little more original. Personally, I’m tired of patterns. I’m not yet to the place where I can reliably draft my own, but I’m frankensteining them like a fiend.


      • Oh, I’ve got a pattern stash that is going to make a vintage fiend very happy when it is discovered in my attic come 2064… I can’t resist them when they are on sale. But I’ve also gotten disenchanted with making something and having the end result fall short of true love… I’m so often disappointed with the big boy results.


    • I have been Frankensteining patterns for over 20 years and one of the great things about the online sewing community is discovering that other sewists do it too. I no longer have to worry about what to say if someone asks me, “What pattern did you use?”


  4. I’d forgotten about your runway stand up comedy show on Wednesday’s. It’s been a while since I’ve cruised my favorite blogs – yours was the first on my tour. I missed your sartorial wit. Paper bag poached salmon, for real? People did that?


  5. As always your comments are hilarious, but yeesh! However, I really want some of that copper colored fabric (from the pants in #2) to make a sheath dress out of! It would be perfect for all those dressy fall occasions that I never have. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. That last hanging jacket lining really made me smile…and the first one …all I could say was “Paper or plastic”. The fabrics all seem to be shades of wine, all lovely and well fitting…well all except for the black and white Vogue pattern one…what a hoot! Didn’t Yvonne De Carlo wear that little tube top/window valance in a movie once? Are those huge culottes she is wearing too? Don’t get too near the campfire, girlie!


  7. I really like the pleated pants and would wear them in a less shiny, less likely to badly wrinkle on the bus fabric. The shapes of the white pant suit and the Vogue special don’t do much for me but I love the dip-dying effect, especially on the edges of the blazer and pants. I may try this at home.


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